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Featured Artist: Rosalind Pape

Sacred Madalas


This Tarot deck goes back to the roots of the Tarot, back to the root essence vibrations of Number. Historically, the Tarot is connected with the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, and the Egyptian mystery schools, and when we look deeper, we see that these wisdom systems refer directly to their roots of number and geometry. In fact when we investigate each culture’s mystery traditions, we see the common link of number and form mirrored everywhere. Traditionally these primal energies are represented in visual stories, images of familiar physical scenes, figures and objects. But at the heart of each number’s energy and vibration, is its geometric blueprint, it’s true energetic frequency pattern, and through this visual window, we are able to grasp, universally, the actual feeling and knowing of the primal energies of numbers. This is where the right-brain awareness of vibration comes to the surface of our consciousness, and re-addresses the balance of our perception of vibration. TO ORDER & for more INFO: EMAIL or

Roz created the concept of personal mandalas in 2000, using the unique vibratory blueprint in your birth-name/date to hand-paint personal mandalas that are used as a meditational focal tool that aligns one with the pure essence of who you really are.

What Numerology and Sacred Geometry make completely clear is that understanding of how it can be that we are unique individuals and yet also aspects of one divine whole, perpetually recreating and patterning the Universe.

Everything in essence is vibration, this is the fundamental understanding of reality reached by Science and Spirituality alike. Numerology and Sacred Geometry are two sides of the same coin: number defines the frequency and quality of vibration while Geometry expresses these vibrations as a universal language of form and pattern. Sacred Geometry shows us that we are all facets of the one diamond of light, and a personalmandala shows how each facet is a unique expression of the living light, and has a unique signature energy-blueprint that is issued forth in the vibrations found in the name and birth-date. A personal mandala synthesizes Numerology and Sacred Geometry, articulating your unique vibratory blueprint and aligning you with the pure essence frequencies of your potential.

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You or loved one is suffering under the diagnosis of ADHD, bipolar, schizophrenia, or depression. You've done everything the doctors have instructed – from a mind-boggling array of medications to perhaps even an aggressive regimen of electro-convulsive therapy, but you or your loved one continue to slip further into darkness.

You are frightened – fearful of the life you – or they may have to lead.

What would you do – accept the condition as fait accompli, or search the world to find a cure?

It is a question millions face every day. (Visit the Facebook Page for updates and info)

In his previous film, Generation Rx, international award-winning writer/director Kevin P. Miller explored how frighteningly narrow the treatment options are, and why the science being used as the rationale for treating millions with mental health conditions often falls so desperately short. Miller's work prompted famed Hollywood Director Paul Haggis, the only person in the past half century to win an Academy Award® in consecutive years, to endorse his groundbreaking film. But more importantly, Miller received thousands of letters from real people: mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers of those who had labored under the influence of psychiatric drugs for many years.

It was then that he decided to produce one final documentary on the topic, and call it Letters From Generation Rx — in homage to the thousands who wrote to him following the release of Generation Rx.

The new film is designed to spur an international conversation about mental illness, and to exorcise any unnecessary fears that ADHD, bipolar, and other mental health diagnoses may have wrought. Miller spent two years interviewing some of the world's most respected researchers, MDs, journalists, politicians, and academics, and focused on dozens of others whose lives became inextricably linked to the medications they were prescribed. In doing so, the director features a breathtaking array of stories, from those who lost it all – to those who came back from the brink of agony and angst and desperation to a place of true wellness.

Miller's conclusion: there is hope for those suffering, and it may not lie in the toxic elixirs we have come to know by name. Rather, there are remedies and therapies being overlooked, to our detriment.

While the film does include stories of violence and addiction – a side effect of both the illnesses and the medications prescribed to treat them – Miller weaves together an astonishing tapestry of highly personal stories from those who overcame the worst that mental illness could dish out, but who still made their way to wellness.

In the end, Letters From Generation Rx could change how many of us view mental health. By employing powerful personal stories and credible, easy-to-understand science, the film shows how the cavalier use of psychotropics created an avalanche of unintended medical and societal consequences — and why the use of less invasive methods often combats the worst mental illness can dish out.

Letters From Generation Rx is where darkness meets light and science meets truth. Like Generation Rx before it, this film will be essential viewing for those interested in an intelligent conversation about both the causes of mental illness and the treatments that are being deployed in the latest battle for the brain.

Kevin P. Miller is an international award winning Writer, Producer and Director whose films The Promised LandThe War WithinKids in Crisis and more have won numerous international Film and Television awards. Academy Award® winner Paul Haggis called his film Generation Rx "a powerful and often chilling eye-opener



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major arcana

Using the buttons at the top of the page you can view the Major and Minor Arcana of the Soulscapes Tarot, and also the Court Cards for each suit. If you want to buy a copy of the Soulscapes Tarot Deck please visit the Webstore

         Esoteric Art


All we are saying is leave the Earth Alone! by Rashelle Reid

Rashelle Reid


The tide has turned and the ocean roars as a new day dawns on the face of Britain, where we go from here is anyone's guess but it really does feel as though we're sitting on the brink heading either straight to a self-induced hell or a more heavenly experience for all of us and no matter how you look at it there's work to be done especially if we wish to save our Planet from ourselves for future generations.

As I watch the following video I have tears in my eyes, I am so proud of those who have stood up for all of us, because no matter what you may think, if you are on this Planet and particularly here in the UK at this time, Fracking affects you.  This pride in my fellow man however is dampened by the absolute shock that our Police force are being used against those they are supposed to serve. The arrest of a 14 year old girl which is included in this video strikes me as being a tactic which shows how far they will go to inspire fear and maintain control.

I can hardly believe the audacity of the UK  government  if anyone is left in any doubt after the recent behaviour from Westminster then surely the Fracking fiasco at Balcombe Bay must be the thing to wake you up.

It's been dubbed The Battle of Balcombe and rightfully so as the War on Consciousness continues, with the ultimate casualty being the hearts and minds of everyone involved. At the present time our Government have decided to offer the best financial deal for Fracking in all the World, why when the people so adamantly are telling them no? What is Fracking and why is it so Controversial? "Fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing. It's a water intensive process when millions of gallons of fluid - typically water, sand and chemicals, including ones known to cause cancer - are injected underground at high pressure to fracture the rock surrounding an oil or gas well.  this releases extra oil and gas from the rock, so it can flow into a well." Click the link below to learn more about Fracking. At the present time Cuadrilla the company at the heart of Fracking, (does it have a heart I wonder) are applying for new licenses to drill for oil in Lancashire and plan to re-open their Fracking operations within weeks. For a list of the places which have licenses here in the UK visit Here in Scotland in June there were reports that Fracking would not be happening but David Cameron has set the ball rolling again as he continues to try and get the the whole of the UK to be open to this deal, selling it as being good for the economy.  Though I'm not sure what good the economy will be when we've destroyed our land and our health. Dart Energy the only company (so far) with permission to exploit resources using fracking, have a license to begin releasing up to 4 tonnes per day from test wells on the site at Airth,, near Falkirk

So far Fracking has been associated with polluted water, an increase in disease particularly cancer and also has been related to cows tails falling off and these are only the short term consequences.  It will be a while before we can be sure of the long term consequences and at a time when re-generation and renewable sources of energy should be at the height of our discussions, this insane venture is hogging centre stage. As always I wish to remind you that we have the power to create change in any direction we want so if Fracking is not the solution you wish our energy to be invested in please add your name to the petition and put pressure on your MP and Parliament to end the insanity now.

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"Here's to the savages. The unruly, but decent-hearted mavericks who are owned by nobody and smite dogma. The aboriginals, native, indigenous, Gypsie hordes who cause sleepless nights for the missionaries and bureaucrats. The man and woman who has had enough of the spells of disenchantment cast by the Merchants of Nonsense. The lone gunmen and women of human consciousness who have built a firewall around their psyche which no cult leader, politician or brand awareness can ever penetrate. The last Mohican who still resides in the soul of all humans."


"Awakened" Greetings Card from the esoteric art soulscapes collection

'Awakened' Greetings Card


"Awakened" Full Colour Photo Greetings Card

Blank inside for your message.

Limited Edition. This image features on the reverse of the Soulscapes Tarot by Jade Ashcroft.



When changes come they often manifest so rapidly that we have little time to comfortably adjust ourselves to the new order of things. The world as we know it is about to go through one of the most monumental periods of change ever experienced.

At this moment in time, as well as the current attempts by various governments to censor and control information, (which I'll come to later), it would appear that new technologies are about to lead us down a dangerous path. This will not only involve the reinvention of the way that the world trade and financial markets work, but also how you, the consumer, purchases a major percentage of the goods that effect your daily life.

Read full article online

(Interpretation of) Death Tarot Card= 13 by Lynda Stevens

Death Tarot Card

The Death Tarot card in the Major Arcana corresponds to the number 13, as if to underscore its lurid reputation for the faint-hearted. James Bond-style movies must surely have a lot to answer for, where to receive this card during poker at high noon does tend to be followed by a nasty demise for its recipient!
This may be why the card has been given what appears to be euphemisms in some more recently published packs with names like "close" or "regeneration". The creator of this deck respects views such as these, but still believes the whole subject may better lose its sting only where it is exhumed into the light of day.

Astrologically, this card corresponds to the sign Scorpio, which does in fact "rule" the mysteries of birth, sex and death - all of which tend to be taboo subjects. The pumpkin in the top left panel is a reminder that the festival Halloween occurs while the sun - the life giver - is in this sign. This is precisely when the life force in nature appears to have departed, leaving behind only the dead leaves and the old shells, of which the pumpkin is one. The ghouls, ghosts and vampires which refuse to rest in peace as they should, perhaps to reflect the fear that nothing may ever come to take their place, and that these creatures themselves may fear that there is no other future for them beyond their vicarious twilight zone of unbeing. This is Death at its most gothic.

The Perennial Wisdom, however, has always perceived hope, while the angst of the years preceding the millennium has only recognised its absence. Spring then will always follow the encroaching winter, the awakening will follow the hibernation, the butterfly hatch from the pupa - shown in the top right panel. What may seem like death is really only the necessary prelude to the transformation that will follow, if only we have faith during the long wait in between.

This, in ordinary situations, may be a very difficult thing to do. The Grim Reaper's scythe may demand a total, clean sweep of things, but it is something from which many people will hold back. The spectre of the big death may well hide behind the fear of the small deaths everybody has to make in life, as they leave one stage of development for another.

In other words, Death is really about change, and the subsequent fear of it. The latter may be reflected in one individual's fear of leaving home, another's reluctance to discard the habits of a lifestyle they may have outgrown, or the mother who refuses to attend her daughter's wedding.

The rewards, however, are great whenever the individual does cut away the dead wood in their life. A move to a new location may indeed involve some sadness over the bonds that may be left behind, for example, but the conditions have been created for the individual to carve out a new and more satisfying future.

It should be obvious by now that Death takes that process of letting go further than does the Hanged Man. The Death card can have a powerfully purgative effect on an individual's life, ruthless stripping away those ties and beliefs which no longer serve any great use. For those who want radical change in their lives, the Death card is an enormously positive factor once its process is understood.

The Chalice Tarot Deck

By Lynda Stevens Visit Chalice Tarot Page on Facebook

© 2013 All Rights Reserved

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Large Purple / Pink and Blue Dreamcatcher
Large Purple / Pink and Blue DreamcatcherLarge Purple / Pink and Blue Dreamcatcher
Large Purple Dreamcatcher

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Lynne Hazelden acted in the original Star Wars movies and various UK television programmes. Today, she finds herself in a bureaucratic labyrinth, searching desperately for effective cancer treatment while the clock ticks down – all because she’s an unusual case without a ‘treatment pathway’. This is her story, as recounted to ANH-Intl – the first step in a campaign to create comprehensive, positive change within the NHS. Read article online

Please read Lynne's Story and help in any way you can.



The Seed of Yggdrasill-deciphering the hidden messages in Old Norse Myths, The Heritage Edition by Maria Kvilhaug, presented by Whyte Tracks publishers, Denmark

****Book Review of the Seed of Yggdrasil by maria kvilhaug in next edition***********


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Book recommendations:

Magic of the Northgate by Josephine McCarthy

Read Online

Magic of the North Gate

Magic of the North Gate is a focused look at magic that involves the body, the land, the living and the dead. Written for magicians/occultists, pagans, priests and priestesses, this book looks in depth at the techniques, contacts, methods and ritual actions that can be undertaken when approaching Earth Magic. 

Working with land spirits and faery beings, building shrines, living in a magical home, working with the magical elements, connecting with ancient deities, working with ancestral burials, understanding and living with resident ghosts, weaving power, plus learning how to connect and work with storms, are just some of the magical mysteries contained within the North Gate.
Josephine McCarthy is a seasoned occultist and author living in the Dartmoor National Park UK. She has taught and led magical groups in the USA and UK for over twenty years and has written a variety of books on magic/occultism including the Magical Knowledge trilogy, the Exorcists Handbook and The Work of the Hierophant.


©2013 copyright ~ All Rights Reserved Enlightening Times Magazine.


Deborah Sue Pomeroy


After years of traveling, I am convinced that all people want to be free, happy and live a good life that is fulfilling and satisfying. The greater question is how to accomplish this? How do empower the best life?

How do Hope, Fear and Power play into life?

Two months after the devastating loss of the “19 Hot Shots” many are redefining their lives and moving into a time without these young, strong vibrant individuals that were consumed one unsuspecting day. As people still mourn this loss, they remain dedicated to holding the memory of their lives and dreams into the future.

Devastations in life like all we face in today’s world, give us the opportunity to reflect on the current and past to redefine our future. Being raised by a psychoanalyst who now consults for the government on world dynamics and a lawyer who now consults about early history while practicing as metaphysician myself, I cannot help looking into the meta-messages and the entangled underlying deep patterns to determine the best steps forward.

Being new to Prescott, Arizona, my research scratched beneath the surface of “Everyone’s Hometown” to reveal some interesting facts. Obviously the indigenous native cultures lived and thrived on these lands for many years before the “Whiteman” showed up to claim the land as their own. This resulted in endless actions like “Wounded Knee” where right now people like Johnny Depp and other tribal groups are trying to restore and heal the events of the past. 

Read full article online

by Rev. Deborah Sue Pomeroy

©2013 copyright ~All Rights Reserved

 Center of Brilliance
PO Box 12252 Prescott, Arizona

Someday after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will discover fire!” Teilhard de Chardin


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  • Egypt's Nile is Alive by I universe

    (Global Warming is real and the Earth is dying)


    I-universe, the author of the book Egypt’s Nile is Alive, is without doubt the new hero of humanity because he discovered “humanity’s true inborn art of love,” which he believes holds the key to resolving our global warming crisis.

    In ancient times, “humanity’s true inborn art of love” was the Spiritual crusade for Mankind's survival that derived from Africa’s musical roots, which was based on man being initiated into adulthood and becoming a true spiritual shepherd of the sky as one positive force with the Sun-God. The author is a visionary who has revived the ancient Egyptians’ sacred Sun-God religion where man lived in harmony with the spiritual world of humanity to support Mother Nature’s equilibrium.

    Today, the author has converted this ancient ritual into the form of a new musical philosophy to support green efforts and causes mainly for the young generation, and it is destined to become one of the biggest green awareness movements on earth. This unique spiritual book stands on top of the literary world and what the author has achieved by bringing back “humanity’s true inborn art of love” is unparalleled in modern times.

    We need your support to help get this book into the mainstream of our society.