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Featured Artist: Faith Nolton

Faith Nolton is a painter who's paintings are inspired by her shamanism - and often her paintings are done on instructions from the spirits -Nicholas Breeze Wood

I have followed the way of the mystic and poet all my life. My images, like icons, reflect a sacred world where all things are connected. Where beyond the surfaces of everyday life the souls of plants, land, trees and creatures sing. - Faith Nolton

faith Nolton

art by faith nolton art by faith nolton art by faith nolton art by faith nolton

Scotland Against Monsanto

March Against Monsanto on the 25th May 2013 was a huge success with 1 million people around the World joining their voices in unity to echo a resounding... NO

What a year it's shaping up to be for the people!! In February we had One Billion Rising around the Globe in honour of women everywhere and in May we've managed One Million rising for our Earth. 

Here in the UK you'd be forgiven for being unaware of what's going on because the mainstream media isn't showing it. We are however being shown repeated images of some of the most inhumane acts in the World and yet for some reason we're being shielded from the cries of our fellow man. We are hearing very little about the events in the World and even the events on our doorstep unless it serves the corporate agenda and it seems to me the time is now to educate ourselves and not wait for the Television to be the beacon of light in these times. Especially as we now know without a shadow of doubt our mainstream news is being used as a propaganda machine to paralyse people in "terror". It's a well known tactic to control the masses and has been used to our dis-advantage for way too long and I for One have had enough and judging what I'm witnessing I'm not the only one.

For example the Icelandic revolution that's still not reached our screens and the recent march where One Million people around the World took to the streets against Monsanto and the underhand illegal practises that they've been and probably still are involved in as they try to gain control of the World's food system, followed closely on the heels by Nestle's C.E.O. who wants to deny our right to fresh Water! I see a multitude of reasons why some feel that those who are standing up are resisting something and we all  know "What we resists, persists." Carl Jung

Please do not get trapped in the use of the word "Against" because the people behind these movements are not the resistors in fact I'd go so far to say they are the transmitters of a higher calling, a calling to once again honour the Earth that has provided for us since the day we were born. 

What the March Against Monsanto movement stands FOR.

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Enlightening Times Interview with Thomas sheridan

Watch part 2 on the Youtube Channel

The "End of Eire" by Thomas Sheridan

end of an eire thomas sheridan

In December 2012, two Irish artists, Thomas Sheridan and Mark Higginbotham, came up with the idea for a film to document their personal outrage at the systematic conversion of their homeland from a once prosperous and culturally vibrant society into a Globalist taxation livestock farm under the yoke of crushing austerity measures imposed by unelected bureaucrats. Both were fully aware that the reason why this situation came about was a result of Irish politicians handing over the Irish nation; both assets and people to the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The Irish political classes did this in order to protect both themselves and the CEOs of top Irish banks from going to jail for negligent fraud and compliance with corruption on a colossal scale.

In doing so, the politicians who protected these banking officials committed what amounted to an act of late night high-treason by approving a multi-billion Euro bail-out without the consent nor the approval of the Irish population. Then the Irish mainstream media and ‘expert’ classes essentially told the Irish people that it was the best thing that ever happened to them and how they should be proud of being good slaves. A rotten cesspool of coagulated media and money tycoons telling us we should delight in being obedient indentured slaves on their plantation.

This act was a culmination of an on-going series of YES/NO constitutional referendums fiasco voting, in which the Irish voters were continually told by the unelected oligarchs of the European Union to hand over their national sovereignty and to keep voting until the EU Commission got from the Irish electorate the results they wanted. All during this transition from Irish democracy to EU imperialism, the Irish mainstream media, the public sector trade union leadership, the economic ‘experts’—whose advice wrecked the economy—all the major political parties, women’s organisations, civil and environmental rights groups, along with civil servants being paid to post pro-EU propaganda (in the style of Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’ Inner Party members) bombarded the Irish consciousness with pro-European Union/Globalist fear-based propaganda tactics which would have made Joseph Goebbels giggle with delight. 

In the end, the Irish voter was so traumatised from the incessant propaganda from the lavishly overpaid RTE (Ireland national broadcaster) ‘stars’ that they eventually gave in and acquiesced to the interrogation of the collective Irish psyche from the pro-EU factions in the Irish media, business, public sector and chattering classes.

Then the horror really began…

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Geo-Engineering Renfrewshire by Rashelle Reid


Thing's have been heating up in Scotland with regards to the Geo-engineering issue, the people have had enough and all over the country people are taking the necessary action to put an end to this madness. 

In Renfrewshire there's been people making donations to gift Orgonite and the first chem-tower for the community but to be honest at this stage I'm not sure how effective these are and whether while people are focused on doing this, more effective ways of dealing with the madness are being neglected.

So in Renfrewshire we decided it's not enough to focus on only one potential solution but instead to take as much action as possible towards a conclusion that is satisfactory for the people here and as we do hoping that similar action is being taken in other constituents and countries across the World.

As you can see from the video below which includes only a tiny fraction of the pictures taken in Renfrewshire, strange flights have become the norm in Paisley and the hazy skies are becoming so much the norm that most people fail to notice.

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Nerd vs World This week, Brendan, Ady and Spindles talk over the recent Doctor Who announcement and consider who could fill Matt Smith's shoes. There is also a spoiler free chat over this week's episode of Game of Thrones, chat about the Birmingham Rule32Cafe meet up, a new Kickstarter of The Week section and much more.

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Book recommendations:

from 1 Life 2 another

This story basically tells how we learn from the heart when things are thrown at us that we have to face, rather than being able to pick something we want to experience. When we are educated by our minds, it shows how emotional intelligence challenges financial intelligence and how the heart and mind both work in similar ways and also shows how the heart cannot be manipulated and can work directly from intuition. It's a book that will allow people to think for themselves and allow them to find a way out of any dark situation they are in. It also states how happiness doesn't come from the mind but the heart. So if we were educated by the heart and became happy with who we are, then that would also create some sort of peace to the person, and if it multiplied, it would create world peace.

When we are forced into things emotionally, we will find a way of succeeding emotionally, which creates a path of fulfillment and acceptance of who we are. When we are forced into something financially, we may succeed financially, but we have to buy things to feel anything and lose who we really are inside. So instead of interacting with nature, we search for a quick fix to feel anything. Is that the way we want to live and call success? Or are we more advanced than we think and brave enough to change our ways and feel great to be great to create a better society and economy that plays a domino effect globally where we all become equal.

About the Author

I went through an illness for over twenty years and was never accepted in society at the beginning, so I rebelled against every system I felt uncomfortable in and went down my own path and came out better. Also, I went through the manipulation of the pharmaceutical industry, which are the world's most profitable industry, and the corruption that has been going on for decades is now finally exposed to the mass, medicating millions of people, which I used to be until I came off them and felt much better.


Tweep-e-licious! 158 Twitter Tips & Strategies for Writers, Social Entrepreneurs & Changemakers Who Want to Market Their Business Ethically 


When Lynn said that she was going to write a book about how to use Twitter, my heart sank.  It did not seem that original.  I was aware of a number of ebooks in particular that were out there already and I myself used to run workshops for people on how to use social media.  I could not see what the angle would be or why it was needed.

Despite my forebodings, I could not have been more wrong about Tweepelicious.  It was packed full of really useful tips.  Some of it was not particularly new but it had passed me by at the time, like the cessation of links between Twitter and Linkedin.  When I first read the book I was still adding hashtag (#in) on the more business-based ones thinking that One thing I appreciate about Lynn’s writing is that she is very thorough.  She researches a topic in-depth before she commits pen to paper.

The other thing that really comes through is how much she is in her element when talking about online presence.  Take the example of automating your twitter feed.  She reviewed all the various applications that you could go with, giving the advantages and disadvantages of using each one pretty much based on her own personal experience of the particular application.  That kind of detail makes it much easier for the end user to choose their application of choice.  Another example of her attention to detail is the effort she put into pulling together the kindle version of the book which is what I have.  She made sure it was stuffed full of hyperlinks so that users could navigate the content more easily.

Sharpening the Edge: A Personal Experience

by Miguel Marques 2013

A few weeks ago, a challenge was issued at a Tarot forum. Take two cards and find a mission impossible to meet and the way in which we could accomplish it. I took the 4 of Swords and the 6 of Cups, and without knowing why, started on a ramble that ended with a very simple statement: “to unite heart and mind into a single being and use the orientations of my guides in order to achieve a state of No-Mind that would allow me to strike down the current blocks in my life”.

As I wrote this, I felt this to be a worthy challenge. But then it hit me. People in the whole world dedicate their entire lives in pursuit of something I proposed to achieve in a week. I cursed the life out of me for my recklessness, always a good sign when you’re engaging in self awareness.

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Visit Miguel online (translate from portugese to english with google!)

soulscapes tarot cards

You can now order a limited edition set of Soulscapes Tarot Cards!


richard abott blog

Depth, controversy and fresh ideas at The Impossibility Factory now open for business. Richard Abbot's blogsite.

Insights on Tarot Symbolism by Lynda Stevens 2013

lynda stevens

In traditional packs, the word "Tora" often appears on the wheel itself, which reversed means "rota" or"wheel", which in one way the Tarot actually is, another reason why the Fool has no number. The Fool may simultaneously be at the beginning or the end of his eternal round through the wheels of fate. Perhaps this is why the Wheel occurs exactly halfway through the sequence of the Major Arcana.
The biggest Wheel of Fortune of all actually consists of the zodiac with the planets moving against this backdrop. In this card, the four points of the Wheel are represented by the four fixed signs, the Scorpion or Serpent, the Lion, the Bull and the Man (or water bearer). These signs (which also appear in the biblical Revelation, in what has been described by some to depict the portentous passing of a Great Age - from Pisces to Aquarius - into another) describe a good combination of animal and bestial energies. In some packs, the whole Wheel is shown to be being set in motion by a monkey. There may well be certain good reasons for all of this, and this commentator will now attempt to pick out what seems to be the more relevant ones.


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Reintroducing Ganesh by Sugandha Chadda


sugandha chadda

As I sat down thinking what could be the subject of that that first article that I could write for this magazine, my mind rummages through cultures, tarot, religious practices, my country, occurred to me...the first....pratham pujya (worshipped first) the one who is loved most as the face of Hinduism.... Ganesha. The Elephant headed God...the remover of we feel instinctively drawn to...for there is none like him...

This article reintroduces ganesha as Hinduism sees him... Ganesh atharvashirsha a Sanskrit hymn (classified as one of the Upanishads) introduces ganesha signifies ganesh as the everything of the universe...following is the text with its translation.

Hinduism sees ganesha as its something in everything...the ultimate...the soul of vedic culture...everything about ganesh be it his birth his elephant head or his persona speaks of beating the odds and winning one's own self he kills the demons inside us demons of greed,lust,ego etc....

Ganesha isn't just a deity he is a life philosophy for once you tread on the path shown by him you have nothing to fear....for the remover of obstacles guides you on your journey..... Jai shree ganeshaye namah!

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Russell Brand, Chase Madar, Chris Hedges…the ‘judicial lynching’ of Bradley Manning - Darkernet

The trial of Bradley Manning has been described by award-winning journalist Chris Hedges as a ‘judicial lynching’. Hedges is equally scathing about the judge and the trial processes (see below). Ultimately, Manning’s fate will be decided in the Court of Public Opinion (and with the help of the Fourth Estate) and while over the next few weeks the day-to-day matters of his court hearings will be interesting to note, the bigger picture of the support for Manning on the world stage will be of equal importance as a crucial factor in the determination of his sentence. Indeed, more and more ‘celebrities’ are coming forward to support Manning (see video). If the trial was fair then Manning would be able to use as his defence the Nuremberg Principles and the Geneva Convention, but he has been banned by the judge from quoting these in his defence. Regardless, we provide both as a reminder of what truth and justice is all about – for it is not Manning who should be on trial, but his accusers. And just as the US Administration has become totalitarian in terms of its global surveillance reach, so, too, its show trial of Bradley Manning and his exposure of war crimes.

The world has no choice: either condemn these practices or live with the consequences. Read Full Article


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