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Emotional Onslaught

By G D kokani

Human beings are the most intelligent creatures. They invent and adopt hundreds of kinds of tricks to inflict emotional onslaught on each other; some individuals do it as the part of the strategy for fulfilling their vengeance or revenge, some for fulfilling their sadistic desires and some for enjoying a kind of cheap entertainment. Such incidents are taking place constantly in the personal/family life, social life and in the individual’s life at his/her work place. In most of the instances, such act is committed by the concerned individuals deliberately, knowingly, willingly, decidedly and intentionally and very rarely innocently. Therefore, this practice or habit has become the vital part of the disposition of human beings. The illiterates or semi literates adopt crude or homemade tricks, while so called highly educated or cultured or civilized individuals adopt most complicated or sophisticated tricks to inflict emotional onslaught on others. 

In view of the above universal situation, the process of ‘healing’ also occupies an important position in the emotional life of the people. Fortunately, as I have said elsewhere, that the same human intelligence which is capable of inventing morality (by no means morality can be proved to be a heavenly phenomenon), is also and equally capable of inventing immorality; similarly same human mind which can inflict emotional onslaught on others, can also provide for healing emotional wounds caused by such an infliction.

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An Adult Living with Autism

By David Rowan

I am an adult living with Autism ...

Autism can be thought of as a spectrum, ranging from subtle at one end to full on the other; from mild dyslexia to full autism.

Different parts of the spectrum hold unique qualities and yet those further along the scale also hold some of the qualities of those from the earlier milder areas of the spectrum as well; these qualities may also vary in depth or strength; all of these conditions, from very mild dyslexia to full autism are a part of what is known as The Autistic Spectrum.

Autism remains a mystery to the medical profession, though recent technological advances in neuroscience are beginning to shed some light on the brain functioning of the autistic spectrum conditions. For further information, I would recommend, ‘The Neuroscience of Human Relations’ by Cozolino, ‘An Anthropologist from Mars’, by Sacks, ‘Affect Regulation and the Origin of the Self’, and, ‘Affect Dysregulation and the Disorders of the Self’ by Schore.

Although I have lived within the autistic spectrum for the whole of my life, it was not recognised until I was 40 (meaning, I spent the first 40 years of my life being thought of as awkward and being misunderstood). Getting my diagnosis was a fantastic moment for me. No longer was I an awkward pedant who didn’t fit anywhere but I could suddenly say a word, ‘Aspergers’, and be understood – or at least, point people towards a large body of information so they can go on to understand me. For me, this was great ! – and, there was more to follow: In 2009, while at the University of the West of England, it came to light that I have three autistic conditions:

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New CD by "Stellar" Under A Sea of Stars

Ethereal, haunting, and truly magnificent Music. Under a Sea of Stars is a stunning combination of vocal melodies and percussion that will take you to distant galaxies and uncharted territory.

The CD could be used successfully as a meditation aid, possibly during Reiki Attunements or Healing Sessions and during Spiritual Development Group work for raising vibrations in the sacred space.

The music has been retuned to 432hz the natural tuning frequency. Stellar teaches
workshops all over the world reminding her participants of the resurgence of ancient wisdom, the knowledge of the heart and the true nature of multi-dimensionality.

Click Here For more info

Special Feature: Enlightening Times Interview with Jon Kelly

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Featured Artist: Rob Hampson

rob hampson

Effulgent Nadir from the Enchantment Series 2010 March 14

Master’s of Fine Art: Painting Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, Kent, England, United Kingdom. 

May 2008

Bachelor of Arts:  Major in Art: Emphasis in Painting

Humboldt State University, Arcata, California, USA 1989

Bachelor of Arts:  Major in Speech Communication: Emphasis in Non-Verbal and Small Group Communication.  Minor in Art.

Humboldt State University, Arcata, California, USA 1986

Visit Robs website to see his stunning Gallery online.

michael tsarion DVD

182 minutes of illuminating content revealing the deepest secrets that lie behind the soul of mankind and how the hidden controllers of the global elite power structure have used these age old secrets to enslave and chain the minds of mankind.

Captured at Big Awakening Conference 2011 this groundbreaking exclusive from Michael Tsarion will leave you exhilarated, enlightened and prepared on all levels for the drastic changes we inevitably face as a race as we move towards 2012 and beyond.

From psychology to philosophy, conspiracy to mysticism this amazing blend of ancient wisdom and cutting edge knowledge is strictly for the few with zero tolerance for the lie!

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to own one of the 100 limited edition hard copies produced of this life changing lecture Hurry while stocks last! Click the Image to visit ICAN.

Mandrake Catalogue 12

Crystal Skulls - Decoding the Mystery

Perhaps one of the most intriguing mysteries of spirituality today concerns the crystal skulls. There is a growing spiritual community that looks to the crystal skulls for inspiration, and many find themselves drawn to become guardians of these compelling spiritual tools, finding that they add a magical dimension to their personal development, healing and energy work. 

crystal skulls

Often the crystal skulls are hailed as a source of ancient wisdom and metaphysical information. Some believe they are capable of triggering miraculous events, associating them with all kinds of paranormal phenomena. Crystal skulls have also been linked toextra-terrestrial activity, such as crop circles. It’s not unusual to find that people who have encountered crystal skulls also feel an affinity with the energies of the stars and have a strong conviction in the notion that we are not alone in the Universe. Most people who start to research crystal skulls would agree it’s a mind-opening experience that often requires a complete leap of faith!

The legends of Atlantis speak of 13 ancient crystal skulls that held all the wisdom required for the harmony and enlightenment of humanity.  These 13 ancient skulls are said to have disappeared at the fall of the Atlantean culture, and it’s prophesised that they will re-emerge when we need them the most, in time for the shift of the Ages associated with 2012, heralded by key dates in the Mayan calendar. It’s therefore no surprise that in recent times, a number of crystal skulls have become prominent in spiritual circles as possible members of the Atlantean group of 13, although these skulls are all shrouded in mystery and there are often questions and doubts over issues of provenance.

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by Rhian Gibbings

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Meditation and what it will do for you. by Dana Neely

Meditation gives you the time to connect with your inner core, it gives you the time to see things from outside the box as some of us say. 

There is so many things that we can benefit from meditating, just a few minutes of meditation to hours of meditation, depending on your lifestyle.

The most important part of meditation is the fact that every time we do this, is every time we get more and more enlightened , we see more than just meets the eye, it helps us "see more clearly" into what is going on in our lives that we are missing out on.

I believe for the most part that every time we meditate, the intention we have in mind manifests into reality, for instance, lets say we have a loved one and they are sick, meditation gives us the advantage of sending them the energy to heal.

We are all healers in our own way, it is tapping into the healer inside of us that is the part that needs to be done. With meditation, we gain the discipline, knowledge, clarity of mind, body, and spirit.We learn from ourselves through meditation, we begin to see more of the truth that is out there. It is the key to everything that the universe has to offer, we are the universe as the universe is us, we are the very key to all of existence.

With meditation we are keys that are at all times opening doors, doors that most thought never existed.

Click here for a Meditation by Dana

Soul Talking       by Jade Melany Ashcroft

The eyes are the window of the soul that looks out from within the human spirit. The soul is in essence an individual spark of the Universal Consciousness, the Universal Consciousness being an amalgamation of all those small sparks of consciousness and the very essence of the life force itself.

Each person, or personality, is a part or parts of this consciousness expressing itself through physical existence.

Every human being has a reason for being on this planet, to be a vehicle of expression for the manifestation of spirit or soul consciousness, divine breath , prana, life energy, etc. Under all these different names, disguises, manifestations, or appearances, it is all the same thing. Love Consciousness, and whether the entity in question is aware of this fact or not depends upon the stage of evolution that particular soul has reached on its journey.

The soul exists long before the body and is born to earthly parents of its choosing, and it will continue its progress long after the body has died and decomposed. We choose our bodies, families, geographical locations, as well as ethnicity and religious persuasions and each time the soul incarnates into a different set of circumstances, it is for the purpose of learning lessons and gaining experience that can only happen via that particular existence. If we are lucky enough to gain all the experience that can be had on earth, then we can work towards ascension onto the higher planes of evolvement to join the ascended masters, and other teacher beings.

the gathering

The popular misconception about reincarnation is that we are supposed to come back to the earth again and again for eternity, when the reality is far simpler. Once the soul has learned all of its karmic lessons, it progresses to the next level and no longer has the need to repeat the experience over and over. It allows for those lucky few who have reached the end of their cycle of physical manifestations, to become teachers and guides for the next generations of young souls working their way through the evolutionary process, (once born and twice born souls).

Initiation, or awakening into wisdom is an important step in the journey as it allows access into the akashic hall of records wherein all information is stored. The realization of the one being the many, and the connection between every living thing, puts one at a different vantage point from a large percentage of the population, who are solely occupied with the possession of material wealth and the notion that the acquisition of gold, wealth, and status will make them happy.

There is no amount of possessions or wealth of any kind that will bring happiness. Wisdom, intuition and imagination are the fundamental ingredients of true happiness. Conflict and turmoil need not be a way of life, and unfortunately most people accept materiality as all encompassing reality and give up their search or quest for any real meaning in their lives. As a direct result of this the intentions of the soul, or the lessons that were intended on being learned, are literally forgotten.

As a species we are capable of such greatness, if we don't lose sight of the “soul purpose” of this particular incarnation. Conversation with our higher self, greater consciousness, whatever you want to call it, and balance between that and our eternal child self are two of the necessary ingredients towards the discovery of our individual paths, and will move you closer to remembering the reason why you came here and what is was that you were meant to do. It brings a whole new meaning to the concept of “lost souls”; those who have temporarily forgotten who they are because they are so distracted by the many sensual delights of modern society.

Read full Article online:


Midwinter ritual and laundry

So here we are in the shortest of days and the longest nights, deep in the dark heart of winter. Nature, being no respecter of Pagans, has opted to make this one of the warmest, driest, sunniest day in weeks. Hence the laundry.

Laundry is one of those jobs that doesn’t sit well with the idea of winding down into the peaceful sleepy darkness of midwinter. Clothes persist in getting dirty, in fact the available mud and rain of the reason aid the process. Last year I was hanging it out to dry in very cold conditions, and frequently getting comedy frozen-rigid garments as a consequence. A sunny day in the winter is an absolute blessing. It’s a chance to open windows, air out, freshen up and get ready for the next deluge and I’ve no doubt my ancestors did just the same things when they could. Spring cleaning is fine, but we’ve a few months to go and it’s nice not to be damp and reeking, and I’m sure that’s not a new impulse at all.

In ritual, as in laundry, the weather doesn’t always do what you expect. In the UK weather can be relied on to be changeable. I’ve done midwinter ritual with fog freezing onto the trees, in the rain, and in gentle and warm conditions like today. Any script written in advance is likely to make no sense in the actual conditions. That’s why I like to improvise.
Druidry, laundry…. Both call for glancing out of the window to see not only what the sky is doing, but what it might do in the next few hours. Of course, if you do it all indoors – the drying and the rituals, then it’s not an issue. A little insulation means you can ignore all that pesky, unco-operative nature has to offer. You can talk about the darkness of winter on the sunniest day if you like – draw the curtains and imagine it. That’s not my path, and frankly it irritates the hell out of me. Why bother to honour nature at all if you can’t get out there and honour what it’s really doing, not what you imagine it should be doing?

The laundry-outside angle is all part of being green. Wind and sun are free, there is no carbon cost to drying my clothes this way. It takes a bit more effort and a lot more paying attention to conditions outdoors, and requires having some space to hang things, so I recognise that not everyone can. But it’s such a simple, real and meaningful way of engaging with nature. Hanging out washing makes you learn to read the sky, to sense the rain minutes before it comes. What druid weather sense I have is owed almost entirely to twenty years or so of hanging laundry out to dry, and trying to make sure that doesn’t result in it getting wetter.

Connecting with nature, honouring the spirits of the season and being pagan doesn’t have to be some abstract process, separate from real life. In fact, I would argue, it shouldn’t be. The more intrinsic our spirituality is to daily life, the more real and significant it becomes. Paganism isn’t window dressing for the soul, it’s a whole way of being, and can be brought to bear with anything.

Hail spirits of water, you who purify and renew. I thank you for your blessings of cleanliness. Hail spirits of ancestors, you who invented soap, and buckets, you who taught me the mysteries of soaking and scrubbing. Hail spirits of winter sun, your brightness a joy after the grey days of rain. Hail wind spirits, blowing softly from the west today, bringing gentle air and the powers of drying.

Anything can be ritual, if you’ve a mind to look at it that way. Anything can become a sacred act of connection. Through this short day, the laundry dries, real life goes on, and spirit lives in all of it.

Hail spirits of dancing clothes, windswept and sun blessed. I give thanks to the nameless workers who fashioned you, to the wonders of modern technology that brought you to me, and to the ancient, ancestral techniques that enable me to keep you clean and sweet smelling.

look out for Nimue's book on Druidry and Meditation coming out on the 27th January 2012,


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Issue 1 on 21 / 12 / 2011

Every year, people tell themselves, "this year will be significant, I will resolve to pursue --- goal(s)." Unfortunately, due to a number of potential variables & excuses people manufacture that aren't for their own good, their resolution ends up by the wayside. Why is this? Could there be a reason why their goals for the new year end up sinking like the Titanic? Let's review what it takes to make a goal manifest & soar into reality..

The first step towards setting a goal is to be realistic, but not so realistic that you're beating around the bush. For instance, let's say you are trying to lose some pounds for the new year. Instead of stating bluntly "I want to lose 50 lbs. this year" we will attack the root culprit. So let's rephrase our goal as "I want to reduce my carbohydrate consumption this year so that I can lose weight & become a better father/mother/etc." It is also important to be very specific when stating your goal so you can refine it to where it sticks in your mind and the mind becomes a laser to etch this goal of yours into reality.

The next step towards accomplishing your goal lays in the power of association. So you want to lose weight right? You know that becoming leaner will not only allow you to live a longer and healthier life, but that you will become a better person in general. By the way, as a side note, we are not inferring that everyone should be a specific weight or look like an anorexic Hollywood model, what we are talking about is cases of obesity that can offset good health. So here is where it gets into the science of manifestation...

When we associate with people, images, environments that support our goal, guess what happens? It comes a lot faster than we expected and puts us on cruise control. Are we going to accomplish our goal of losing weight by hanging around people who love eating at buffets? Most likely not. We know that these people will only hinder our goal & make it harder to accomplish.

People don't only have a huge influence on individuals with weaker auras, but images, environment, even music all play a huge role in what goes on in the higher realms. People that are interested in wealth for example, know & understand this concept very well & apply it by hanging up pictures of expensive cars, hundred/thousand/even million dollar bills, big fancy houses, yachts, whatever floats your boat! We need to create an environment that will make our goal a success, so much as to literally create a "shrine" for our idea to manifest. This is literally the process of downloading a simple thought from the mental plane into 3d. Human beings are vices for such an intricate science.

Above all, keep an attitude that allows our feelings to allow us to know that our goal has already been accomplished. Out of all the tips that one can develop for success, this may be the most powerful yet. It allows us not to worry about when, where, or how it will occur and opens up the doors for the universe to bring it to us once we are ready. Opening your heart & soul for success is very important too. The people with the most success are those who program their minds for it.

May this coming year flood you with joy & prosperity,


The Elemements Series by Stephanie Schofield

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The Spirit of the Greenwood (The Elements) by Stephanie Scofield (Kindle Edition - 9 Dec 2011)
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dream of the dolphin

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wyrd camp

Wyrd Camp 2012 – International Pagan Meeting in the Czech Republic

PFIcz organizes an international meeting of pagans and witches which is going to be an outstanding event. A seven day long camp will be an extraordinary and the longest event ever in the Czech Republic. ...That is why the name has been chosen: it is a combination of the word camp and an old English wyrd – today’s word weird. The original meaning is fatal.. Wyrd Camp will be a unique meeting of pagans from many countries. You will experience workshops, lectures, shamanic other meditative paths and everyday rituals.

for further details check our website

http:// wyrdcamp.pohanskafederace.c z/en/


Updates from former Forbes journalist turned Asian Secret Societies  [ASS] spokesman, Benjamin Fulford.

This is for your reeducation, in keeping with the spirit of our Core Principle –

“You can’t free the Body without freeing the Mind”.

You can download our newly released eBook, Towards Healthcare Emancipation, to free you from using conventional medicine forever. It is not an exaggeration to say that the success rate of the protocol stipulated therein in treating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic disease is at 100%. 2 hrs./day eTherapy + One (1) Glass of Water per Hour = Zero Disease in 3 months!


vrm.graffiti.2Vaccine Resistance Movement is a grass roots, non-profit organization striving for safe alternatives to vaccines; both empowering citizens around the world with the means of self sufficiency while determined to expose vaccine fraud & pharmaceutical industry malfeasance. This study is the culmination of two years of inspired research, energized with the support of a growing community of activists learning how to stand independent of Corporate & Gov’t misdirection.

Direct link to study:

Book Recommendations:

101 power crystals by judy hall

After the Amazing Success of her Crystal Bible volumes 1 & 2 Best selling author and Crystal expert Judy Hall has blessed us once again with this amazing collection of well researched information and spectacular photography. In this

Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems and Stones tastefully presented and brimming with stunning photography. The narrative is beautifully written for those interested in broadening their awareness and knowledge of some of the rare and lesser known but very powerful crystals.

Author of 42 previous titles, Ms Hall is no stranger to the subject of Personal and Spiritual Development. This reflects in her detailed explanations of each crystal, its attributes, and her down to Earth attitude when writing for her readers.

101 Power Crystals will appeal to those seeking more advanced methods of Crystal Healing for use in personal development, or in Workshops, Focus Groups, Healing Circles.

Judy Hall has gifted us with an indispensable resource which will outsell its predecessor titles in no time at all.

You can learn to

Achieve Crystal Attunement, how to purify your crystal, how the shape of the Crystal can affect the flow of Energy, and also a section on using Crystals with the body's chakra points.

101 Power Crystals is a must have for any serious practitioner of the Healing Arts seeking to deepen and enhance their knowledge and awareness of the Energetic Healing through use of these valuable tools.

For more information on the Author visit Judy Hall's website.

Book Review by Jade Ashcroft 10/11/2011

NEW TITLES from Mandrake:

The Star-Crossed Serpent
[In Three parts]

Evan John Jones
& Shani Oates

the star crossed serpent

ISBN: 978-1-906958-37-4
Volume I -
Origins: Evan John Jones 1966-1998
The Legend of Tubal Cain

Part One:
Dual-authorship of the Clan of Tubal Cain’s Legacy defining 50 years of its organic evolution. Originating from within an unpublished ms written by Evan John Jones, the former Magister of the Clan since Robert Cochrane’s death in 1966, it serves Testament to the Will of Fate and Tenacity of Spirit here expressed, from its inception under Robert Cochrane through Evan John Jones’ own record of the Clans beliefs and practises to those of the Current bearers of this mantle, depicting the interweaving of Wyrd in the vital process of its existence and continuity in Troth to its Tutelary Spirit: The Star-Crossed Serpent.

Shani Oates lives in Derbyshire (UK) where she is a devoted practitioner of the true art, a mystic, a pilgrim, artist, professional photographer and holistic therapist. She is also a life-long student and researcher of theology, philosophy and anthropology intrinsic to all praxes that engage the Mysteries proper. Providing valuable resources for her lectures at both moots and esoteric conferences, these disciplines serve to enrich her role and duties as the Maid of the Clan of Tubal Cain
(see www.clanoftubalcain.org.uk).

As an author her published works are included within Hecate: Her Sacred Fires by Avalonia Press and other various popular pagan, folklore and occult publications for over a decade, including The Cauldron, Pendragon, The White Dragon, The Pentacle, The Hedge Wytch and The Wytch’s Standard. The second 2011 edition of Abraxas Occult Journal features her most recent contribution on the Mysteries. This, is her second book and she is currently busy on her fourth that continues to explore and explain the deeper aspects and histories of her Craft.

Part Two:
‘The Legacy Continues’ The Clan Today. & Part Three: ‘The Overcoming of Fate’ An inside study of the correspondences between Robert Cochrane, William Gray, Joe Wilson, Norman Gill, Robert Graves and others.


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