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Featured Artist Peter Yankowski

‘A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it’

Peter Walker

Peter Walker Peter Walker Peter Walker Peter walker

Peter Walker Peter walker Peter Walker Peter Walker

Peter Yankowski Artists Statement: 

My current body of work examines themes of conflict, technology, religion, symbolism and the inherent history derived from recycled objects. 

Exploring the nature of abstract and figurative forms, combining many mediums, paint, photography, sculpture and assemblages. Particularly interested in revealing the hidden beauty within unwanted or broken artifacts. Click image below to see More.

Digital World

unslaved media

Magik beyond the edge of perception by Richard Gordon

The belief in and the ability to perform occult based magik has made it one of the most controversial belief systems known to humanity, couple this with the fact that its practitioners are mostly unwilling to share their pinch of knowledge or exactly how they have achieved their results and it becomes clear why there appears to no single defining path to follow. The entire subject is shrouded in myth and hearsay and now encompasses elements from many other belief systems and religions. It is for these very reasons that the belief in magik has become somewhat distrusted and even ridiculed by the media and general public or its results put down to coincidence. That said, it has also become the chosen pursuit and belief system of artists, musicians, writers and intellectuals on a worldwide basis.

The very origins of the belief in magik began way back in the ancestral minds of our pre-history. Theirs was a shamanic connection to natural magik that involved a celebration of the seasons, sun worship, and archaic techniques such as rhythmic chanting and drumming that lead to trance like states of consciousness during which they could enter the realms of the spirits and gods. With the event of recorded history magik took on a myriad of different guises before the belief in it eventually became corrupted or suppressed by the doctrine of religion. Yet from time to time like all elements of truth, the ancient essence of magic would resurface within the open minds of the time and has had several renaissances.

Many people may find it strange to find that in our modern scientific computer driven world that lots of us are now returning to the study and practise of magik in order to improve the quality of our daily lives, but this is increasingly the case. There are many paths available for the student to follow ranging from simple spell work to powerful systems such as creational magic in which the magician becomes a co-creator in harmony with the universe, and is the system that I‘ll be discussing here.

The practice of magik can be best defined as being the ability to cause a willed change within the structure of reality, and that is essentially the case, but enlightenment without understanding and meaning is all but useless, if we are to fully comprehend the inner workings of magik we firstly need to build a visual model of how the reality which we aim to change actually becomes manifest as the world we live in.

The consensus opinion within many esoteric, mystical and occult circles is that the universe manifests from a single source, as such the entire contents of our universe are actually no more than different aspects of the same energy, separation and time being no more than secondary illusions. Creational reality manifests itself in a very distinct order. The first stage of this process begins with what can only be described as total and utter state of nothingness, from “there” it then manifests as an infinite sea of pure living energy, some have described this as the “abyss” a pre-manifest state of being in which all information and possible/probable outcomes are contained.

Fool Soliel from the Soulscapes Tarot by Jade Ashcroft World Serpent from the Soulscapes Tarot by Jade Ashcroft

Read the rest of this Article Online

A group for readers and writers, new and old, of Greenmantle Magazine, a Pagan journal first published in the early 90's. Greenmantle is currently a bi-annual journal and we are always on the lookout for new authors.

Richard's Blog

A Modern Day Witch Hunt

By Peter Aziz

Many of you may have heard the news last September that I was the first person to be imprisoned for using ayahuasca, a healing vine used in South American religious ceremonies.

To give a little back ground on the situation, I have been practicing as a homeopath, healer and Shaman for over 25 years, and had written to the Home Office before starting ceremonies, to make sure I would not be breaking the law.

I had a letter from them confirming that ayahuasca was not illegal. Over the last 25 years, my studies have taken me all over the World. I spent 4 years training as an ayahuascaro in Peru. I have trained as a Kahuna, Pueblo medicine man, and have been initiated into Vodou to the highest level. I am also a Hindu priest, and was chosen by Kali to be Her Odiya ( A Shaman).

You can read more about my work on my website

Peter Aziz Peter Aziz

I had built up a very positive reputation for teaching authentic shamanism, and for giving some very effective healings. Previous press releases had been positive; showing major healing taking place, such as getting a crippled child walking. More recently, though, the press has given very negative focus to alternative medicine and spirituality.

The persecution leading up to this case began several years earlier. I had appeared on the TV program, “Trust me, I’m a Healer”. Following this program, I came under heavy slander from a vicious group of doctors who formed a group called Health Watch, for the sole purpose of discrediting natural medicine. At that time, complaints made to the police were rejected, as ayahuasca was not on the controlled substance list. However, after continuous pressure, the police decided to investigate.

I was arrested and put on bail, with the condition that I was could not give any spiritual or healing ceremony of any kind, or give any plant substance of any kind. At this stage, there was not even any charge made, and yet I was stopped from earning a living, and my religious rights completely violated. It took 3 ½ years to finally get me to court, finally deciding to prosecute me for producing and supplying class A drugs, referring to the 0.1% DMT content naturally occurring in the plants.

They argued that since I had brewed the plants into a tea, it was now considered a preparation of DMT. At first I didn’t believe any court could prosecute me for this, as the United Nations convention of psychotropic substances clearly stated that ayahuasca was sufficiently different from pure DMT not to be classified as the same. However, on the first day of the trial it was clear that the police were up to something; with the evil smiles and over-confidence they displayed. It became very clear that this Court was fixed. During the legal discussion, the judge refused any of my defences to be brought before the jury, and basically told the jury what conclusion they had to come to. Many points of law were ignored, and I was sentenced to 15 months in Prison.

We are all suspicious that the system is corrupt, but you never know how far the corruption goes until you experience it. I had been given a full criminal prosecution for doing healing ceremonies and sending the money to charity. There was no confusion about my motivation, as all witnesses had spoken of the great benefits they got from the ceremonies, and I had a good bunch of character references. What’s more, the police are trying to seize all charity money, as proceeds of crime. Having been in prison, I can honestly say that I have not met any criminal who would stoop so low as to rob charities.

Of course there are big lessons for me in this experience, apart from waking up to the level of corruption, soullessness and pure evil within our leadership. The plants themselves point to the way through this modern crazy world, and I have taken note of the teachings they have been bringing me. I have made good use of my time in incarceration, and treated it as a spiritual retreat, spending many hours every day in meditation. This has only left me stronger in every way. First of all, I was shown how my consciousness has been like certain plants that have been banned for being too useful in helping mankind, such as the ayahuasca, or the cannabis.

Cannabis was seen as a great gift from the Gods because of its usefulness, and I am not just talking about getting high. It provides cloth, building materials, fuel, medicine as well as spiritual teaching. It is because it was so useful that the cotton and timber industries worked on propaganda to get it banned, so it would not threaten their monopoly. Because any nation growing cannabis was assured of wealth, the banks soon helped get it banned, to stop any nation becoming independent of them. So the plants that give the most get themselves totally banned all over the World. I have been through similar lessons.

As a Hindu minister, I have always believed that the highest form of worship was to relieve the suffering of others. This I had dedicated my life to; running healing ceremonies and giving proceeds to charity, feeding starving families. I had put great dedication into this work, only to be stamped on by a corrupt system. This has not turned me from the path, however, far from it. I have just had to become less naïve and much more expansive in my thinking.

There are other sacred plants to take me to the next level. The two teaching me at the moment are chocolate and tobacco. These two plants have already seduced and tamed nations, and are so ingrained into the commercial world that it will be impossible to ban them, no matter how useful they become in healing and raising consciousness. And yet they are both traditional sacred plants used in South American ceremonies. I am discovering great power within them, and a tricky intelligence that will win through all the corruption and bring about the raising of consciousness that is destined. I am involved in dietas with these two plants this year, learning their songs and mastering their ceremonies. They are proving to be powerfully transformative, so watch this space. Chocolate may sound like a very pleasant medicine, but there are times you will hate it, as it digs up such deep issues. It is proving to be stronger than ayahuasca.

Of course, the battle over ayahuasca is not over yet. There is an appeal in process, and there are petitions going. Be sure to sign them and put a stop to the witch-hunt before all spiritual practices and natural medicines are taken away. They may have heavily crapped on my old practice, but this is a new beginning. Before giving medicine ceremonies, I am giving some small group workshops from my home, as I have developed some great empowerments to pass on. I will be giving empowerments from Kali’s tantric traditions, to raise kundalina and develop occult powers, and from tenaga dalam, for invulnerability, protection and victory over all obstacles. You can find details of these events on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dragon-And-Faerie-Magick/134666116580798

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Residual Hum from a Parallel Universe

By Jade Ashcroft

I discovered the enigma of Rik Clay in September 2010 during a lecture by Ian Crane at the Marchon Club in Whitehaven. That night after the lecture I had a very vivid dream in which I could only describe as being the sensation of falling through vast amounts of information.

It was brought to my attention shortly thereafter that his interview with Henrick Palmgren from Red Ice Radio had caused a massive stir in the Conspiracy Community.

It wasn't until the beginning of this year I discovered his CD Somewhere Not Here - A Residual Hum from a Parallel universe which has been lovingly edited together by his Father John Clay.

On the 5th August 1982 Richard John Clay took his first breath in Scunthorpe in the United Kingdom. Maturing into a multi talented musician, designer, author/blogger/researcher. Described by those who knew him as a charismatic genius.

Pursuit of understanding the 11 11 phenomena took him and his life partner Mick on a journey of discovery, researching Crop Circles, Reiki, Ley Lines and other related phenomena like Free Energy, Myths, Consciousness and Shamanism to name but a few.
Although no one will ever know the real reason why, on 28 August 2008, at the age of 26, Rik ended his own life in Ilkley. I wanted to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the legacy he left behind him, his Music and a little bit of his background.

some where not here Somewhere not here

When I first heard Residual Hum it gave me a sense of awe and deja vu that was totally overwhelming as Pure Genius often does, and in all sincerity I would love to have met Rick while he was still here on the Earth Plane.

Some people have a Light within them that shines so brightly, and a love that touches the hearts of every person they meet. This permeates through the songs and his echo will certainly resonate for a long time to come.

somewhere not here
"At the Rik Clay Foundation, for those of us who remain on the Earthly plane, we intend to continue his legacy by consolidating and promoting projects which emulate his ideals. We wish to sow the seeds in vision of a holistic society and culture to nourish all human beings with health and abundance"
Visit the Rik Clay Foundation Website

Next edition we will be talking to John Clay in an exclusive interview.

Visit jade_ashcroft on Shindig Tarot

"New Friends" - Childrens Story

By Jeffery Richardson

New Friends

They ran down spiral steps to the glimmer of lantern light."Where's the door? " Lauren asked. "I don't know," replied Jasmin, who was holding her Dad's hand as if taking a small boy for a walk. The two sisters stumble across a Gnome leading them on an incredible journey of discovery.

Click Here For more info

Unslaved Media

Unslaved Media is by far the best social media neworking platfom. On the pulse, aimed towards those interested in breaking out of their imposed Social conditioning and the consensus trance of the masses. Unslaved Media promotes Self education and Free Speech for All.

You will find the latest news not normally covered by the Mainstream Media. Forget YouTube, if it is answers you are seeking to the deeper mysteries, you will certainly find enough food for thought, and meet like minded individuals.

Create a Channel of your own. Upload Video, Pictures, or Educate yourself in the wealth of information presented by the regular users. In the year of Change they have the toos for YOU.

cat like thief


phenomena magazine

Spirit Guides by Mary Bird

We all have spirit guides working with us from birth to death - and beyond. A strong bond exists between our guides and us because we know them well, sometimes even shared lifetimes with them.

spirit guides mary bird

I call these beings “Primary” guides. These evolved individuals take their responsibilities seriously, yet prefer to communicate in light-hearted ways. They never impose their will upon us. Rather, they draw matters to our attention. It is we who decide which direction to take. The interesting thing is that, in most instances, if we choose not to go down a certain path we will find ourselves at a similar crossroads in the future for such lessons are part of our soul contract. It’s a bit like taking the ‘direct’ route, or the ‘scenic’ route. The destination is invariably the same.

 Not all spirit guides fall into the “Primary” category for we also have “Secondary” and “Tertiary” guides. These are our teachers and helpers respectively. Unlike Primary guides, these beings are transitory in nature. That said, the same guides can work with us at many different stages of our lives, as well as work with other people, some we may even know, concurrently or at different times. Who is with us at any given time depends on what we are working on, studying, striving for, etc. Whenever we are learning something, be it in an educational institution, in the workplace, or a life lesson, we frequently find our Secondary guides present as Druids, learned scholars, or philosophers. Tertiary guides may present as loved ones, trusted friends, or teachers who have passed on. A Tertiary guide can even be someone we actually know – a friend, relative, neighbour, or even a Facebook friend on the other side of the world!

When strength, courage, or endurance is called for we tend to have warriors accompanying us into every battle, large and small. When challenged, we need only to ask for help and it shall be done, although not always in the way we envisaged. Sometimes, there is a better way, a way we cannot foresee. Read More



When you are in meditation, you want to visualize things that you feel close to, such as the ocean, the animals, you can make up the colors in the environment. The animals in it you can make them up as you go, lets say you like the color purple, and you like tigers, you can make a purple tiger with black stripes, anything that your imagination can come up with, do not limit yourself, the sky is not the limit..

I can not stress more the the importance of breathing, when you are having a stressful day, what is the thing we are told most?.. Breath.... Just take a breath and chill out, basically this is what we need to do on a daily basis. With the meditational breathing you can sit at work or lunchtime and meditate within 5 minutes or less, just a few minutes at a time does a world of good for the heart, mind, body, spirit and soul.. Remember breathing in through your nose, then out through your mouth as you feel comfortable in doing so. Find your own method that works for you. 

Hanged Man / Christed One Goddess of Fire

I have previously covered the fact that we can listen to music during meditation, this is a good tool for focusing, there is an old saying I have said over and over again, if you can meditate on a bus, train, park (with many people) and beach, you can meditate pretty much anywhere.. 

I never want you all to limit your abilities, ever, meditating everyday is very good for all reasons, health being one of them. I personally have healed myself of many things due to meditating and focusing on my intention. Results are different for everybody, but trying is the key. 

Now with the focus, you can do dishes, walk around, some of us have been known for having a full conversation and be meditating while we do this. Yes, it can be done with focus. Discipline is very crucial, the more of it you have the more that you can focus and heal yourself, clear your head of stress, anxiety, worries, depression. I could go on but the list is way to long to even list of the benefits.
Dana Neeley 2012

Read More

by Dana Neely

Roxi Sim - Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Major Arcana workbook

Thought I would give everyone an update on the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Major Arcana workbook/journal. I have been working hard on the art projects of late, over 200 photos and just finished Temperance. These paintings, signed by the artists, will be go, in order, to the first 22 workbook purchasers as a huge thank you for ordering. Great for all the collectors out there.

I have completed all the writing, and now am into editing. The handbook includes an indepth write up explaining the symbolism and story behind each image; the inspiration behind each painting, a meditation that puts you right into the card; a variety of quotes that add deeper meanings; art projects that act as art therapy to free up seasoned artists and open up art to non artists. No artistic talent it needed, this is paint and play, with Tarot symbolism thrown in.

In the projects, you paint with the elements of water (food colouring) air (straws, and drying) and fire (candle wax dripping) and earth (salt and gold/silver leaf or glitter). You also draw with a bees wax candle, so you have little control and don't know what you get until it is revealed by painting. The process is quite magical as you really don't know what you will have until you brush off the gold leaf and see the finished product. Each project uses the elements and materials in a different way. In the end you will have your own Pearls of Wisdom Major Arcana inspired Deck.

roxi sim fool

This package will also be great for those of you who give Tarot workshops, as it can act as a handbook to teach the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the deck, it is not a clone and has it's own symbolism.

Included in the package will be a Mini set of the Pearls of Wisdom Major cards, layout sheets for 5 new spreads and two new guest healing spreads. (Bonnie Cehovet and Alec Satin). The main book will have larger images of each card so you can really see the details. An alphabetical listing of the symbolism used a list of the Runes and their meanings and the art projects. The separate workbook/journal will have question sheets for each card and room to write your impressions and answer the journal questions.

Once I have found the right boxes, we will reverse engineer the product to fit so that shipping is easy. Then to the printers, I am self publishing this project and printing locally in Canada.

Here is a little something to tempt you. The image attached is from the Death Card project enititled "Mask" inspired by times past when people would make death masks. If you would like to be on the notification list, email me at Roxiartwork@gmail.com.

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truth and hope

Founded in 2010, the Truth & Hope charity (formerly 'Against Child Abuse')
is an independent, voluntary, non profit organisation,
committed to helping victims of child abuse.
Set up by a Northampton based family, horrified by cases of child abuse highlighting the appalling state of the UK child protection system, as well as the appalling lack of resources available to help people who have been
affected by the issue.


free robert greene
Click to go to Forum

If you would like to be an organiser, printer, blogger, emailer or just want to participate in the discussion and planning around the Free Robert Green campaign, get on over to the forum.

If you are unaware of this case please Google Hollie Greig.


Book Reviews:

edge media

The Alchemy of Forgiveness by
Rhian Kivits – Crystal Priestess


Within my Tarot and Spiritual Counseling sessions I often encounter clients who misunderstand the concept of forgiveness.  I regularly hear spiritual teachers and mentors suggest forgiveness is a key ingredient in the emotional aspect of healing - when it’s accepted that the emotional state has an important relationship with our physical well-being as well as having a strong influence on the reality we create for ourselves, it’s important to get a clear understanding of what’s required so that the healing process is as swift and effective as it can possibly be.

How many times have you been advised to ‘forgive yourself’? For many, the idea can seem perplexing and a professional should never offer this kind of advice to a client without proper explanation - the process of forgiveness is just the beginning in the alchemical flow of transformation. It must be properly followed through to completion to avoid the individual slipping back into the old, unhelpful ways of being.

At the deepest level, we need to recognize the damaging patterns of negative emotions related to a sense of guilt or shame, not being ‘good enough’ or failure associated with low self-worth. The behaviours these emotions create and the projections they offer to others can be thought of as a form of punishment we repeatedly inflict upon ourselves as our external world mirrors our internal state of being.

Once these deep patterns have been recognized, we can more clearly see the mask of self-punishment we wear - it causes us to constantly turn on ourselves and results in a lack of security sad sense of disappointment in life. The process of self-forgiveness is very much about removing this mask - both energetically and through clear insight - so that the root causes of our problems can be exposed.

The root causes vary between individuals, but they are almost always negative resonances deeply ingrained in the psyche, energetic blueprint and DNA. They can stem from past lives, ancestral or inherited issues, pre-conceptual patterns related to the ‘soul contract’, pre-birth or birth trauma, childhood problems or dramatic life events. It takes gut and determination to heal these kinds of issues on every level and the results can vary according to our individual receptiveness to change as well as the skill and sensitivity of the practitioners we choose to work with.

Forgiving others is a slightly different story. It’s another common misconception that this kind of forgiveness involves compromising the self to let go of anger towards or disappointment in the other person in order to create a situation whereby it feels acceptable to remain entwined in a relationship with them. These kinds of relationships often involve some kind of co-dependency or dysfunction whereby each party perpetuates the problematic patterns within the other.

Read More

Rhian is a Spiritual Teacher, Crystal & Energy Healing Expert, Writer, TV Presenter, Shamanic Seer, Crystal Skull Guardian & Priestess of the Sacred Feminine based in Glastonbury, UK. She is also co-author of the book ‘Crystal Skulls – a Journey of Wisdom, Experiences and the Divine’ which is due to be published in the Spring. website


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