Goddess Statue Selene

Goddess Statue Selene


Airdry clay sculpture of the Goddess Selene by Jade Melany

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This is a unique one of a kind Goddess Sculpture crafted in airdry clay by Jade Melany.

The Goddess Selene is an altar Statue for you to create sacred space and offerings to the goddess Selene I. Her aspect as personification of the Moon.

She has been sprayed with Golden Acrylic paint and a clear gloss finish.

Take care not to get this product wet! she must be treated with gentle loving care.

Wikipedia – In Greek mythology, Selene (/sɪˈliːniː/; Ancient Greek: Σελήνη, [selɛ̌ːnɛː], “Moon”) is the goddess of the Moon. She is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, and sister of the sun god Helios and the dawn goddess Eos.

She drives her moon chariot across the heavens. Several lovers are attributed to her in various myths, including Zeus, Pan, and the mortal Endymion. In classical times, Selene was often identified with Artemis, much as her brother, Helios, was identified with Apollo.Selene and Artemis were also associated with Hecate and all three were regarded as moon and lunar goddesses, but only Selene was regarded as the personification of the Moon itself. Her Roman equivalent is Luna.

If you would like to commission a God / Goddess sculpture please email Jade mailto:info@esoteric-art.co.co.uk

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