Soulscapes Tarot Cards by Jade M

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Soulscapes Tarot
Soulcapes Tarot by Jade M

The Soulscapes Tarot Cards are a collection of paintings by Jade M crafted into her first Tarot Deck. Originally published in 2013 this is a limited edition reprint.


Soulscapes Tarot

The Soulscapes Tarot is a 78 card Tarot Deck created by Jade M.

All Original Artwork.

Deck comes in a white protective case with a little white book of instructions on how to read with the deck. The Soulscapes Tarot is the fruit of three and a half years of labour. Each image of the Major Arcana was painted in Oil Paints on Canvas. Then each of the Minor Arcana were painted over the space of a year.

Jade’s Soulscapes reflects the [inner self] or Soul and experiences within the subtle realms.

“Through Art you can come to an understanding of who you really are, express your deepest emotions and desires and become a catalyst or conduit, initiating experiences for others.” – Jade M

This body of work consists of 10 years + intensive research and meditation using the Tarot for Pathworking, meditation and creating images from personal experiences within the Subtle Realms.

Anyone can learn to read, or use the Tarot as a Spiritual Development Tool.

*shipping included in the price (UK) If you order this and you are outside of the UK please be aware I will have to send a separate invoice for P&P Originally published in 2013 this is a 2017 reprinted edition of the Soulscapes Tarot by Jade M.

The cards feature Staffs, Storm, Chalices and Pentacles for the suits and the Majors are as follows.



2=Priestess of the Silver Star



5 = the Red Merlin

6 = Lovers

7 = The Chariot

8 = Strength / Fortitude

9 = Hermit

10 = Wheel of fortune

11 = Adjustment / Justice

12 = Christen One

13 = Transformation / Death

14 = Art

15 = Bound Man / Devil

16 = Maison de Dieu

17 = Star

18 = Moon

19 = Sun

20 = World Serpent

21 = Judgement / Gathering

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Soulscapes Tarot by Jade M
Soulscapes Tarot

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