Initiate’s Way™

The Major Arcana of the Initiate’s Way are 22 magical images.

The major arcana of the tarot tells a story of enlightenment, and every image invites you to experience an inner journey.

Each conscious step you take into the Initiate’s Way™ is signposted by these magical images, that you can use to assist you in becoming your true and authentic self. The book containing the 22 pathworkings will be available to pre-order soon from Mandrake of Oxford. 

Jade M is an accomplished esoteric artist, author and professional tarot consultant with over 25 years experience reading Tarot and leading circles using meditation and the tarot as a tool for transformation. 

initiate's way tarot
The Initiates Way™ Major Arcana Series of Paintings © Jade Melany 2020

Tarot Readings with Jade M

Jade has been reading and studying Tarot for over 26 years. If you would like to book a Tarot consultation please text or email for availability.

It is £30 for a Tarot reading with Jade M.

+44 7518929419


Tarot Readings with JadeM are available face to face in Maryport, via mobile phone (UK only) or via fb Messenger if we can’t get to meet face to face. A reading will normally take an hour during which time you can ask questions if there are specific things that you need to know.

Jade uses either the Soulscapes Tarot or the Initiates Way™ for Tarot readings.
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