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Crafting Majick, Sculptures by Jade Melany at the Senhouse Roman Museum

Sculptures by Jade Melany now on show at Senhouse Roman Museum in Maryport.

The Crafting Majick collection of Airdry Sculptures and Spirit Dolls, that I have been creating over the last seven years, are currently on show in the Senhouse Roman Museum in Maryport! If you are interested in buying any of these items, you will be able to do so and collect from the Museum.

This has been a long journey and its inception began, as things always seem to do in my world, as a dream of creating white goddess sculptures in a museum. I have visited may museums over the years and have been inspired by the objects of worship that I see, from different time periods. Fashioning these gods and goddesses has been a profoundly moving experience and they have been companions in the sanctuary until they decided it was time for them to go out into the world!

If you are visiting Cumbria this spring / summer do call in to see these ancient gods and goddesses for yourself. And if you do get to visit, please post some pictures on social media using the hashtag #CraftingMagic and feel free to tag me on Facebook!

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