Fundraising Event at Morton Manor Wigton Road Carlisle 

Fundraising Event at Morton Manor Wigton Road Carlisle 

Body Mind and Spirit Day 

Saturday 9th September, 10-4pm 

It’s been quite a few years since I attended a Mind Body Spirit event and I am really looking forward to this one for many reasons. When I was up at Castlerigg this year doing a drumming Ceremony in March Iris was there with her drum, despite the awful weather. We had a beautiful ceremony to celebrate the Equinox. She has also been petitioning for a Labyrinth to be installed in the park for a couple of years and this is looking to become a reality very soon.

I will be in attendance with copies of the Initiates Way book and Tarot Cards, and a few pieces of art from the Crafting Majick collection for anyone who wants to have a peruse through them.

There will be lots of fantastic stalls and talks happening during the day.

Robert Chance Lounge:

10.30  How Crystals can help in your daily life  –                  Robert Burlinson  

11.15  Angel Mediumship Demonstration  –                       Edwin Courtney

12.30  Do you Believe in Angels? – Pauline Richards 

2.00  Aura Reading Demonstration –  Edwin 

Training Suite:

11.00 Womb Wellness Ritual & Workshop – Simone Walters

12.00 Eat for Mental Health – Jackie Wilkinson 

1.00  Introduction to Relaxation and Meditation – Judith Lord 

2.00 Crystal Healing Meditation – Crystal Wytch

Come along and spend the day at the Centre for £5 (accompanied Children Free)

Light refreshments will be available at the Manor Café

More information email chancesparkfriends@gmail.com

Or ring Iris on 01228 522903 

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