Air & Water new painting by Jade Melany

Air & Water new painting by Jade Melany

A2 Print available instore

Whilst browsing through photos on instagram I happened across the painting by Howard Pyle of the Mermaid, which was the last painting that he did, which was left unfinished on his easel.

I was so taken with it that I decided to do my own representation of it, because it was such a beautiful piece that really moved me. Especially after looking into his incredible work. So this is my homage to Illustrator Howard Pyle.

It also has personal significance to me, which is why I renamed it Air and Water, and if you know me, you KNOW why I called it this. Since painting this I have become embroiled in legends of Mermaids and Nymphs, and it has led me on a fascinating journey of research.

If you would like an A2 print of this Painting they are currently available in the Store

Howard Pyle – Mermaid
Air and Water by Jade Melany 2023

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