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Feedback from past clients:

“I first met Jade at a holistic fair where I had a reading done using her beautifully designed tarot cards (initiates way). The reading was so powerful, accurate and thought invoking that it reduced me to tears. It was like she had looked into my very soul and spoke to me on a spiritual level. She offered sensible suggestions and gave me sound advice, which was very apt for where I was at that time in my life. I have since been blown away by Jade’s wisdom and talent for a tarot reading and pathworking and I will continue to be guided by her on my journey of life ” Katrina Rourke 

“Deeply engaging talks/readings, beautiful paintings and wonderful pathworking gently paced and flowing full of redolent imaginal experiences. On ‘The Way’, I feel I have learned a great deal and been inspired to seek to discover more. I particularly welcome the assistance afforded me to take an unaccustomed tack and thereby circumvent some of the obstacles to the insight that I had unwittingly placed before myself.” Lesley Anne Brewster 

“When working with Jade or any of this pathworking I find that the visualisation is not something I have to work to do, but that instead just comes to me with no effort, keeping my head and my heart space entirely free to explore my inner realms. This has led to clear healing imagery, and often genuinely breathtaking visuals which have given me an internal space to go and explore this beauty whenever I might wish to! Her energy was the first spark in a long life of darkness and has set me on the path to being who I always was but was too afraid to show.” Eleanor Petit 

“The Pathworkings match the Tarot deck, it is artistic alchemy that runs through them, mingling and transforming. When you have lots of pathworking experience it is so refreshing to meet something new that re-energizes and revitalises you” Cara Hamilton, Psychic Presenter.