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Mannanan Mac Lir


Journal entry:

When I was standing on the beach today, in meditation, I saw someone coming towards me in a boat. He was blurry at first but I could make out a man standing in the boat seemingly powered by the waves and his own power alone. As I was standing I had a moment of inspiration in which a voice told me that the stone I had picked up on my 4oth birthday as I walked along the shore, was a ‘heart of the sea’. That it would keep me connected with the ocean power. The god of the sea and waves who can be petitioned for healing on behalf of others.

I also picked up a symbol that looks a bit like an ankh except that it has two staves and they are raised, not unlike someone standing with arms upraised in invocation. I took this to mean that I should use that symbol when petitioning for healing on behalf of others.

This painting started out with just a background, (which you can see above). I had painted this not long after moving to Flimby and I had put it away with all the other paintings that I have stored, where it stayed for nearly four years. Just before lockdown I had taken this painting, with another three to be framed. When they were dropped off I had put this one in my sanctuary, not knowing that I was going to finish it during lockdown, while spending many hours sending healing from my sacred space.

After the brief meditation on the beach, it had a profound effect on me and I felt like something really old was returning. In dreams I started to hear crackling of voices, that I couldn’t quite make out. On the 27th of April I sat looking at the background with the spirals and the image emerged like a fleeting glimpse, in my imagination.

Manannan Mac Lir: God of the Sea and Guardian of the Afterlife
God of the Sea emerging.

Spent the next few days working on the image until it looked something like the vision I had seen on the beach. Then I started to look into his origin and the myths surrounding him. I was astounded to find out that there were tales of him in Donegal, which is where my mums side of the family hail from.

This has most certainly got my attention and sparked my research has now turned towards the Tuatha De Dannan, or the “Shining ones” and my rediscovery of the myths and folklore of the Faery race.

Manannan Mac Lir: God of the Sea and Guardian of the Afterlife

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