The God Daghda and Cauldron sculpture by Jade Melany

The God Daghda and Cauldron sculpture by Jade Melany



This is an original airdry clay sculpture created by Jade Melany.

The Dagda is the Irish chief of the Tuatha de Danaan . God of life and death. Also of Magic , the seasons and agriculture.

“The Dagda (Gaelic: An Dagda) was a title, meaning the good or great god that reflected his mastery over many skills rather than the fortitude of his character. This Gaelic name was first derived from the Proto-Indo-European Dhagho-deiwos, or “shining divinity.” As the language evolved into Proto-Celtic, the root morphed into Dago-deiwos. It is from the word Dagos that the Dagda’s name receives its two meanings: “shining” in relation to daytime, or “good” as in skilled.

Beyond the Dagda, his many titles included Eochaid Ollathair (Horseman or All-Father), Fer Benn (the Horned Man), Ruad Rofhessa (Lord of Great Knowledge), Dáire (the Fertile One), and Cerrce (Striker), among others.” From Mythopedia.com

His necklace was hand crafted from brushed copper and his cauldron is a stone that came from the shore next to where I live. I spend a lot of time conversing with the sea and When I first picked up the stone I thought it looked like a cauldron, and I fashioned the sculpture of the Dagda around the stone.

This is a unique, one of a kind sculpture and will need to be collected in person.

It is 7 and half inches tall, which is 19cm. You can leave offerings on his cauldron or light candles on it in his honour.


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