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Pathworking the Moon in the Initiate’s Way

The Moon

The Moon Tarot image by Jade M

“On some of the traditional images for the Moon, you find a crayfish half in and half out of the water in a somewhat barren landscape. Stranded halfway between two towers or the pillars of Jachin and Boaz. On the Initiate’s Way Moon there is a figure of a priestess standing in salutation, greeting the face of the goddess that you meet at the time of the full moon.

Will you or won’t you descend into the depths of the unconscious and travel through the gateway into the unknown? It is a path which is lonely because it must be undertaken alone but it also heralds a time of cleansing and a release of trapped emotions and blockages, that may have up until now held you back in your quest to know yourself better.

This presents a chance for you to calm extreme emotions, though caution may be required if you are of a sensitive nature. This is a time for sleep and rest requiring a period of withdrawal and introspection.”

The Moon Pathworking in the Initiate’s Way

“At the time of the full moon there are instincts and urges that are primal in nature which surface and require attention, so that they don’t cause disturbances to the health and psychic wellbeing. The stereotypical image of the werewolf howling at the moon portrays one of these outcomes, when the tide of the unconscious has taken a hold over the rational nature and the animal instincts are allowed rule. Where do we begin seeking wisdom if not through the path of the moon?

Seeing through the illusions requires great courage and strength. Paying particular attention to dreams and if there is a need to sleep and rest, then do so for your healing requires space to breathe, feel and just ‘be’.”

Excerpts from the Initiate’s Way Book

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