The Fool Pathworking from the Initiate’s Way.

The Fool Pathworking from the Initiate’s Way.

Awakening journey begins.

Fool Tarot Card by Jade M

Images 1 to 10 in the cycle represent the first part of the spiritual journey which is much like that of the hero of the myths setting out on the mythical quest, except that you are going on a quest within to find something, and that something is YOU and your true nature.

Each of these images have their own unique experiences and symbols. First you need to prepare the way for this experience and find out if you are truly ready to step on to your spiritual path.

This archetype can be understood as an indicator that you are about to set off on an awakening journey seeking new experiences which are as yet unknown.

Find a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed for twenty minutes. It is a good idea to have a journal or a piece of paper handy to note down any impressions or images / symbols that you pick up during your journey.

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Below is the link to the Pathworking on Youtube.

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