Crafting Majick

Breaking down the Illusion. The Tower Falls

The Tower of Illusion comes crashing down.

The lightening of the tower often comes like a bolt from the blue to wake you from the sleepwalking state. Conflict and inner turmoil that require attention will arise now; clarity, perception and awareness come flooding in.

There is no month attached to this image as it is a state of being that is changeable depending on where you are in your cycle of progress. Tension between opposing ideas or characteristics will present themselves during this awakening.

Difficult decisions and often warring natures within your psychological makeup become increasingly evident as you plunge headlong into the experience of a fall from within the tower.

Self deception is one of the most common personality traits or defence mechanisms that can be rectified at this point in the spiritual journey.

When you begin to see the cracks appearing in life situations and notice the behaviour patters of yourself and other people around you, things that you may have been looking at with rose tinted spectacles up until this moment, suddenly become glaringly obvious. You may temporarily be ‘shocked’ by revelations that you just didn’t see up until this point.

If you would like to find a comfortable space for twenty minutes to do the path working, and take some time for reflection, the link is below.

It is a good idea to have a journal handy to write down your experience straight afterwards.

This path working is an excerpt from the Initiate’s Way which you can order from the publishers:


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