Ancestors Awakening

Ancestors Awakening

Ancestors Awakening

Dream 05/04/2020

The painting preceded the dream.

I dreamed of a mansion house that had previously belonged to an occultist. In the dream all of his magical paraphernalia had been moved to the Knights Templar Lodge headquarters in London. As I was walking around the house I saw impressions of what used to be there, before the items had been moved. The energy signature was still in that space.

When I went outside the Mansion house there was a path leading into some woods. Walking around the grounds of the mansion I also discovered a path to a field in the distance that had ancient stones in it. It was a long way off in the distance but was being illuminated by an unearthly light. In the middle of the circle of stones I could make out three female figures dancing. As they danced around in a spiral dance other entities emerged from the mist. Elementals and otherworldly beings dancing around and rising up from the centre of the stones. Incredible energy was moving around around the circle and it made me think of midsummer nights dream.

Faeries dancing around in a circle but with the three goddesses conducting the ceremony in the centre.

It kept shifting and changing as I was watching and as the scene unfolded in front of me, interlaced frames of information started to appear. Little snapshots of information of buildings, places, people and a beam of energy came from the centre of the circle towards me. I had been watching all of this unfold through the screen on my mobile phone, in the dream, and when the beam of energy came towards me it his the phone and I was transported to a square in London. There were lots of people milling around. I didn’t recognise any of them . It was a massive square with lots of tall buildings and a fountain with a pool in the middle.

As I walked through the square there was this immense space, like a void. It was empty-eerie. There were people walking around but they were ghostly beings. Nobody was talking to each other, and the wispy forms were just floating in and out of each other. I spent a little while watching a street performer, and other people that were there, but none of them seemed to notice each other. Nobody was interacting even though they were all sharing this space together.

I have taken from this experience that there is a need for connection, or reconnetion with each other. A need to form connections with each other on a heart level. As human beings coming together collectively because we have strayed so far away from each other. Wandering along in our own little worlds. Was the triple goddess stirring up this cauldron of this experience, in this very strange space we have found ourselves in over the last two months? A death of old ways of being, and a re-awaking or rebirth of ancestral pathways instigated by this worldwide crisis?

Jade Melany 14th May 2020



  1. L.A. Brewster (Dr.)

    Stunning multi-layered image, with so much narrative reference/depiction. I love it, and find it hard to look away from.
    do you sell it, or intend to sell it, in print form?

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