Esoteric Art

Esoteric Art

It is my view that a misreading of the word “Esoteric” has occurred in that it is misunderstood as something being hidden from all but a select few. Simply put anything that is “Esoteric” is that which comes from within, not from society, morals, politics, religion, or fashion. 

It is the thing that comes from the core of being within each individual and by whatever mode of transmission it then appears in the physical world as expressions of art, literature, music, and poetry etc. “Exoteric” is a general term relating to the experience of anything outside of oneself. I am suggesting here that religion itself is exoteric in the sense that there are sets of core fundamental beliefs attached to each religion whose source is outside ones self, and that each individual depending on their circumstances, life path, ancestry, and other life factors, may be drawn to or repelled by one or more of the frameworks of exoteric belief systems.

Fool Tarot Card by Jade M

Esoteric Art doesn’t follow trends or movements in the arts. Chosen subject matter reflects the personality of the artist. The subject matter alters in the mind of the artist. It is influenced by memories, subconscious and conscious choosing. The artist is in a constant dialog with the subject matter and through this dialog it will evolve.” – Tapani Moko (One of the Original founders of the Esoteric Order of Art movement)

Excerpt from the forthcoming Initiates Way™ by Jade M

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