Lovers Pathworking from the Initiate’s Way

Lovers Pathworking from the Initiate’s Way

The Lovers

The Lovers
Lovers from the Initiate’s Way by Jade Melany ©Jade Melany2020

“The appearance of an angelic being in some Tarot decks suggests that there is a part in each of us, or of the human experience at least, capable of connecting with something larger than ourselves.

Communication in all of its forms is represented in this arcana which includes otherworldly influences that we can have direct communication with, as well as our relationships with the people around us. The astrological association here is with Gemini, or the twins, and the time of year, the Summer Solstice which falls within the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of June, when we celebrate the longest day and the shortest night. The Summer Solstice, or ‘sun standing still’, marks one of the four turning points in the cycle of the year.

Performing specific meditations or brain exercises, such as these path workings or using hypnotherapy scripts, can initiate lasting and positive changes, purely by using the faculty of imagination.”

This is an excerpt from the Initiate’s Way book by Jade M.

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  1. Mag

    That was lovely Jade. I rea enjoyed this pathworking. I merged with my higher self. Felt love, felt the tingling energy all over. Message from higher self, make More time for self to meditate.
    Br blessings. Thank you 🙏💕

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