Awakening your Inner Goddess – High Priestess

Awakening your Inner Goddess – High Priestess

The Divine Feminine Awakened, Source of inner wisdom.

There is a bridge that you must cross at this point, in order to have access to the pool of wisdom that resides within, and for whatever reason, at some point in the past, there has been a disconnection from the divine feminine. At this particular point in the spiritual journey it is required that you make a giant leap across the abyss to reach the unconscious mind. So be prepared to look into this sacred mirror and accept all that is, with love and trust in your own intuition.

The experience here will bring you to new depths and higher dimensions, initiation into a different perspective and new way of seeing the world. Imagine looking out from behind the mirror with a view of everything without opinion, belief or influence of anything other than that higher part of consciousness that represents the truth in all things. The healer within steps forward and begins to direct life from a higher perspective and illuminates the darkness with each step outwards that she takes in to the world around her.

The Priestess of the Silver Star or High Priestess archetype, in terms of your journey into spiritual awakening, is the act of willingly retreating within to a place of healing and sanctuary. You must create this yourself, so that you can commune with your inner knowing and the ancestral pool of resources from which you originated.

The above is an excerpt from the Initiate’s Way book by Jade Melany which is available from Mandrake of Oxford.

*This material is copyrighted to Jade Melany and may not be copied, reproduced, stored or otherwise used without previous permission of the author.

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