Magician – Magi Soulscapes Tarot by Jade Melany

Magician – Magi Soulscapes Tarot by Jade Melany

When I created the deck I was given permission to use the following Tarot Interpretations for the Soulscapes Tarot reproduced here with kind permission from Michael Tsarion.

The following text is ©michaeltsarion2013

Messenger – The Magician (Mercury)

Initiation. A new phase of life. Self Reliance. Coming into our own. Autonomy of thought and action. Independent decisions. New Careers and projects. Self Promotion. Going Freelance.
Active use of abilities and skills. Discovering new interests. Original approaches.

The pioneering spirit. Willpower. Leadership. Entrepreneurial capacity and expertise. Technical prowess. Ingenuity. Physical aptitude. Speed. Agility. Skill. Adaptation.
Concentration. Mental prowess. Focused attention and energy. Interpretation. Analysis.

Discovery, Experiment, Revelation,Improvement,Assimilation of Experience, Collaboration of Facts or Data, Observation, Seeing things as the really are, Seeing from a different perspective, Clarity, Science, Metaphysics, Occult Studies.

Creating what is required during times of scarcity, changing difficult situations to suit ones self, Diplomacy, Synthesis, Unification of extremes, Learn a great deal, Hurdles and challenges overcome.

Freelanncers, Pioneers, Entrepreneurs, Performers, Musicians, Solo Artists, Partners, Allies, Promoters, Agents, Managers, Advisors, Teachers, Guides, Helpful and resourceful people of uniqueness and brilliance. The younger generation, Brothers, Close friends, Team Mates, Lovers.

Travel, Busy schedules, A professional no nonesense attitude, Time well spent. Economy of action.

Difficult tests, Impossible challenges, Egotism, Narccissism, Overstating abilities, Obsession with self image and success,

Meddling, Overbearing people, busyness.

No independence, Irrational decisions and choices. Losing or relinquishing control, Physical incapacity, Impotence, Personal Loss or failure, Plans go Awry, Suspension of plans or projects, Ideas or creations to come to nothing, Dishonesty from agents or confederates, Over reliance on others, Bad investments, loss of interest, poor timing, confusion, No Clarity or expertise, mishandling, expensive mistakes, counterproductive ideas, self doubt, no faith in ourselves, resistance against new approaches and methods, warning against undertaking new projects, no worthwhile employment, failure to learn life lessons, resistance, parochialism, pessimism, depression, lack of stimulation, drudgery, danger, accident, injury, illness, death, trouble with youngsters, abnormal lifestyles.

Speed, Agility, Musculature and motor control, Acuity and perception, Brain waves, Synapses, Electro-magnetism, Chemical balance, Invalidism, Biological disorders, The Ego complex. Self Control. Sanity.

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