Soulscapes Tarot – The Journey of the Fool.

Soulscapes Tarot – The Journey of the Fool.


When I created the Soulscapes Tarot deck in 2013 I was given permission to use the following Tarot Interpretations for use with the Soulscapes Tarot reproduced here with kind permission from Michael Tsarion.

The following text is ©michaeltsarion2013

Brand new beginnings and experiences. New perspectives and horizons. Ending of heavy burdens and responsibilities. Moving forward with confidence. Breaking new ground. Going ones own way. Leaps of faith. Taking a risk. Going for broke. Swift changes.

Quick decisions and choices. Originality. Innovation. Breaking the mould. Rebellion. Iconoclasm. Unorthodox behaviour. Methods or routines. Simplification of lifestyle. A time free of restraint but without a definite plan. Being led by circumstance. Taking every day as it comes. Projection of abundance. Care-freeness. Spontaneity. Realisation that nothing in life is permanent. Greater faith in life and something beyond the physical.

Making a début. Beginning new artistic and musical projects or studies. Idiosyncratic and bizarre individuals. Children. Youngsters. Rebels. Outcasts. A time for detached observation. We refrain from interference or direct participation.

Individuality. Spontaneity.Unpredictability. Opportunity. Innocence . Vulnerability.Simplification.Originality .Unorthodoxy. Impermanency . Wildness. Mania . Rebellion.

Inexperience. Immaturity . Irrationality . Outlandishness . Craziness . Unwelcome surprises
Refusal to grow up. Disorder. Chaos.Lack of restraint. Recklessness . Impermanency . Casualty
Unpredictability. Unstructured. Self destructive urges. Waste. Not looking ahead. Lack of awareness. Hedonism. Narcissism. Mania. Abrupt Changes in routine. Insecurity. Extreme Detachment. Asexuality. Lack of responsibility. Inability to prioritise. A devil may care attitude. Absence of planning. Risk.

Fear of change. Lack of spontaneity, individuality or free expression. Inhibitions. Repression. Restriction. Predictability. Conservatism. Parochailism. Taking things too seriously. Inability to break away from the past. Needless complication. No self expression. Fitting the mould. Lack of trust. Fear of the unknown. Failure to learn from mistakes. Children problems. Warning against excessive risk taking and impulsiveness. Order and structure needed. Delays. Setbacks.

A period of relative inexperience or incompetence ends. Return to innocence. Greater spontanety. Inhibitions overcome.
Bioenergetic. The nerves. The immune system. Level of tension. Hyper-activity. Electro-magnetic imbalance. Toxicity. Psychic Maladies.

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