Orbs- Vehicles of consciousness? Communication devices?

Orbs- Vehicles of consciousness? Communication devices?

This article was originally published in Phenomena Magazine long long ago, in a galaxy far away. I thought it was rather relevant still…  and there may be a couple of slight edits to bring  it up to the present day, but here goes….

Having had a keen interest in ufology and esoteric matters for years, inevitably I find myself drawing parallels between Magick and the activity of anomalous phenomena. 

This is not a new concept, I know, but bear with me. 

The subject of consciousness alone has been the philosophers concern for centuries, its multifaceted and mutable form oftentimes evading (clear) description and definition. That which is unknown to one mind, is perfectly understood by another via varying avenues of cognition. The difficulty arises when one persons experience, or memory, of an event doesn’t fit within a generally understood or socially accepted framework.

Ufology, metaphysics, parapsychology, pseudoscience? But how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

You could offer the experiences which you know to be true to you, and face humiliation, (stoning, or public execution) at the hands of those less perceptive, or simply accept what you know and enter into the shadowy realms within your own conscious experience, and begin the personal quest for discovery of truths in these matters.

Consider this…. inner/inter dimensional “beings” that pass in and out of our physical dimension as light orbs. (sometimes seen by the naked eye) Living, resonating, intelligences that do not possess a solid body but is perceived as balls of light. Consciousness? Pure information? Vehicles of communication or transmissions carrying a signal of direct transfer through telepathy. ie; without the need for computer technology, but harnessing the power and energy that we have been taught is not part of the human makeup.

Science fiction or possible fact?

The 6th Dimension spoken of here is attributed to the Akashic Records wherein all human experiences in the past, present or future can be accessed through the faculty of the third eye. Using the sixth sense (through the awakening of the third eye), located in the pineal gland gives access to all this information. We can reach higher levels of consciousness when we travel in our ‘spirit body’ when it is awakened through spiritual development. This vehicle through which consciousness expands allows direct contact with, and experiences in higher levels of awareness and existence outside of that which is termed normal or everyday perception. 

What becomes obvious when you begin to study the field of consciousness, and awareness, is the significant difference from human to human depending on where their perception or attention is.

Two people may look at the same painting and one remembers six significant details, and the other my only remember two. What is the difference between those two people? Attention, perception, awareness and memory.


If you can accept that altered states of consciousness can allow perception of things not previously recognised by the normal waking state, and that the functions of perception and awareness can be manipulated into other ‘states of being’ without our consent via higher and lower frequencies then let’s continue.

Imagine yourself in a place where there are no radio waves, satellite signals, magnetic fields, Wi-Fi or other signal broadcasts. Turning attention inward away from the physical world, and all of its ‘attractions’, going deep within the core of your conscious awareness and knowing. Welcome to the otherworld of gods,goddesses, myths and legends. 

Brian Rube defines UFO’s as “devas from the god realm who have the power to manifest themselves as unidentified flying objects, when and where they choose.” I want to take this a step further in suggesting that it is a field in its own right and that we as humans are able to create from that space. Manifesting intentionally, or unintentionally, these orbs that contain pure information. Yes I am aware that is like saying we are aliens… but if you look at our species from the point of view as possibly generating somewhere out there in space, and crashing to earth on the surface of an asteroid, and emerging from that space debris somewhere along the way. It really isn’t that far fetched. 

Telepathic communication between humans is not only possible, but plausible and demonstrable. So consider for a moment our frequency that we broadcast on, being a part of our nature as human beings. Perhaps that field of resonance can perform instant transfer of information.

The Late Dr John Mack lectured extensively on subtle realms and abduction phenomena. You don’t have to agree with any of it, but consider the implications in relation to other dimensional beings. Authors on this subject range between theorising such communications as demons/angels , fairies, djinn, to the experiencer being the victim of schizophrenia or paranoid delusions.

Religion has long sought to control this sphere through suppression of information, and guarding us in cages of predetermined thought. The faculty of belief precedes religion and if you look through human history you can see that there are lines of communication that fall outside of the ‘normal’ states of awareness. But could they be partly responsible for the evolution of consciousness?

Subjective visions and mystical experiences experienced during deep meditation, could they be ghostly impressions from rites of passage which have been torn from our collective, by those seeking to thwart expansion of consciousness?  Or are they actual gateways into other realms?

We are, in my opinion, multidimensional beings. Whether that is conscious or not.

If beings from other worlds, or dimensions, contact us through the veil of our understanding, they don’t really have that far to travel, except through the ‘maya’ or projection that we call reality. 

The question I am asking you is, do you know where to look for answers?

It seems to me that at a certain level, those that would seek to distract you with the illusion and projection of the consensus trance, are slowly losing their grip on the reigns. Well at least for some of us anyway. As more people wake up to the fact that their ‘world’ is what they make of it, not what they are told it is, it seems we stand at a pinnacle where we are presented with two choices. Accept and submit, or stand up and be counted.

It s no secret that there are operations in place to dumb down the populations, so it is easier for the the slave masters to control us. It is also no coincidence that a high percentage of people have neither the time or inclination to begin their personal hero quest, due to the hypnosis encountered daily by the mainstream media. But there are those who have loosened the grip and turned away from the fear porn.People are switching to different channels, and frequencies. They are beginning to ask themselves the big questions. Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose?

There has been an explosion of efforts by individuals and groups alike to attempt to draw back the curtain, and expose the truths and offer methods of surviving the coming onslaught.

Restoring the missing pieces and rediscovering individual paths when the fog of confusion is lifted, and healing the fragmented selves, to begin in earnest what we came to this planet for!

That which is experienced directly being advocated as a foundation to begin understanding the nature of reality, rather than what is being spoon fed to us through our education systems. Defining the nature of ones own experiences, especially with other intelligences or inter-dimensional beings.

Experiencing Time other than in the present moment is projection of conscious awareness either forward or backward, so the future comes towards us, or we visit the past. All of which can be done in our imagination. Projections or images may come to us in those moments in the form of balls of light- pure consciousness, that we can read, imbibe and disseminate which then becomes a part of us. Thomas Sheridan was talking the other day about collecting genes, perhaps this doesn’t just happen on a physical level. the visions we experience or memories that seem to appear from nowhere could be from interactions with the messengers from otherworlds.

Floating balls of light have been classified as marsh gas, optical illusions, space craft, dust motes etc etc. To me they are beings or intelligent entities. For years I have witnessed orbs of varying sizes, colours,  and resonances in both the inner and outer worlds. While their origin may be considered alien to some, they are just other beings to me. As real as you or I, but without a physical form.  

While their origin is considered by the masses to be outside of the current understanding of the collective, as alien (by definition as non human or having no physical body), when absorbed by the consciousness of humanity their messages or transmission may be delivered without the knowledge of those unaware of their presence. Much like the possession tales we hear about in fiction. These intelligences my not all be benevolent and working towards the benefit of the human race. Regardless of their content they deliver their transmissions through direct transfer of consciousness.

Sorcery is not solely performed by human beings…and back in 2012 something definitely shifted. I distinctly remember sitting in meditation feeling the rumbling of an earthquake on the winter solstice of 2012 and feeling a change, but not knowing at that time exactly what it was. Over the years it has become more  apparent to me that there has been a war on consciousness and we have been living through he peak of it over the last two and half years. 

If you are informed about psychic self defence, hopefully you are also are actively working on keeping your space around you and your loved ones, clear of external influences that are not for the benefit it of humanity. We need to be working towards a future in which we can live in harmony with each other, the planet and our environment. The messages that often pop into my conscious awareness are focussed around different timelines, and other dimensions in which we are actively participating in , but not fully consciously yet. The dreaming has so may levels to it and our perception of the passage of time is a big factor in this. I don’t know about anyone else but I feel like time has taken on a completely different hue and its passing can be like the speed of lightening, or a snails pace depending on where our focus is. I dream in technicolour and oftentimes I am aware that my body is sleeping here on earth, but I live through years of another existence somewhere else. Perhaps these orbs, are literally vehicles of consciousness that allow us to travel back and forth between these other existences, carrying all the information from that world in itself… so that when we step into them and we immerse ourselves in them, they become us.  

If we consider time as a trinity. Past,  present and Future that result in a whole. ‘Being’ and our emotional intelligence acts as the catalyst to control which of these we are present in, Time Travel becomes a matter of a shift in perception or simply projection.

Atlantis and Crystals

Harnessing the power of information, knowledge or transfer of consciousness. We become transmitters as well as receivers. With your diamond body, what choice will you make with these tools in your hands?

Will you choose to enslave others with the technology at your disposal, or will you assist others to awaken to their potential?

What if, consciousness is stored in accessible hard copies, in the rock formations of natural crystals and the land itself? What story do you think it would tell us?

Perhaps it would tell a tale from long ago, when in a world not too dissimilar to our own, a catastrophic event took place. In which thoughtforms or collective consciousness of an entire civilisation was crystallised into what we know today as stones and crystals. And that the current industry for trading rocks and crystals is not only dividing us from our natural inheritance of that intelligence, but parodies the division of the physical and spiritual aspects of human nature from each other.

The world soul or dark mother calls us to the sacred caves and sanctuaries so that we can reconnect on all levels, and see the madness for what it truly is. A distraction from living a life in harmony and following the natural laws that our so called civilised society gets further and further away from in its obsession with progress.  The battle is being played out in liminal spaces and it’s time to choose a side.

Jade Melany

22nd July 2022   


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