Shaman – Heirophant

Shaman – Heirophant

Shaman – Heirophant –Meeting your Inner teacher

This magical image emerged as a wise inner teacher, an archetype of a priest/shaman or wise old man. It is at this stage in your spiritual journey you must call to your inner teacher to step forward and guide, to act as interpreter to the endless source of ancestral wisdom that lies within you. You are the product of the generations that have gone before and all of their wisdom runs through your veins.

What we are dealing with here is the birth, or re-birth, of wisdom consciousness that you have somehow been disconnected from. After your pathworking and meeting with the inner teacher, you should learn to focus and listen to the guidance and instructions that you receive. Journalling the thoughts and ideas that come to you. As you learn to trust the intuition and have the faculty of knowing it is a reliable source of guidance. You can now stop looking outside for answers and realise that you have all of the answers within.

This is an excerpt from the forthcoming Initiate’s Way book by Jade Melany.

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