The Chariot of the Moon

The Chariot of the Moon

Pathworking by Jade Melany.

In the Initiate’s Way Journey it is the time for the descent into the underworld, and this means getting into the Chariot of the Moon.

“A warrior poised and ready to charge but where is this going to lead? Traditionally on some Tarot decks you see two black and white horses or sphinx drawing the cart. In the Initiate’s Way the chariot is being drawn by four horses or individual ‘powers’ of constant creation, which reside within each individual, the synthesis of which is an awakened hidden power which can be tapped into at any time, so that you may descend into the underworld, fearless, and unafraid of what you may find.”

“Going willingly in to the underworld at the sign of cancer around the time of the summer solstice and returning to the light at the other end of the procession of the equinoxes at the winter solstice. What is most important here is the idea of movement, getting into the driving seat of your life and gaining self mastery. If you understand the solar aspect of personality as being awake or switched on and the lunar aspect of consciousness as that which is unconscious. You can choose to flick a switch in your consciousness and remain awake, realising that the information contained within the unconscious is accessible to you, once you find a way to reach this information through meditation and ritual.”

The Initiate’s Way contains rites of passage in the journey of a spiritual seeker; internal pools or resources which you awaken within; experiences which can also open doors to other worlds, wisdom, knowledge that connects you with living archetypes and the lives and experiences of those who have travelled this spiritual journey before us. Like signposts or gateways, images can connect you with roads that you have yet to travel, and for the purpose of personal spiritual development, these are the foundations upon which you can build your new path. 

At the simplest level, engaging with the Tarot imagery can facilitate self-healing and rid the mind of any toxic ideas or beliefs that may be holding back progression in life. It can help the practitioner to find meaning and purpose in life, while gaining control of the ship that sails through the murky waters of the mind, at the same time opening up to the endless possibilities of innate wisdom. If you are ready to begin finding out who you really are then, this book is for you. 

I have called this body of work the “Initiate’s Way” because the central core theme is based upon the idea of initiation through imagery and words, into the timeless wisdom and teachings in the Western Mystery Tradition. I cannot stress enough the need for rest, relaxation and learning to breathe properly to get the best out of this work. Learning to meditate is hard work and it is self directed. You are literally training or sharpening your mind so that it will serve you as a functional tool for the rest of your life. 

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