The Tower Falls

The Tower Falls

When the Tower of illusion comes crashing down.

The fire of heaven which often comes like a bolt from the blue to wake you from the sleepwalking state. Conflict and inner turmoil that require attention will arise now. Clarity, perception and awareness come flooding in. 

This can happen at any time in the spiritual journey and it forces you to look at the cold hard truth of your current situation. Seeing things as they truly are and not necessarily how you have perceived them to be.

The Tower Tarot card by Jade M
The Tower of Illusion falls.

Self deception is one of the most common personality traits or defence mechanisms that can be rectified at this point in the spiritual journey.

How much of your reactions to the world around you are based upon actual events, and do you have clear perception of where you are, what you are doing and where you are going?

Do you find that you act from past conditioning or because of negative experiences that have coloured the way you think about certain situations, people or events?

You need to question why things make you feel the way you do, are you getting all the facts or have you deluded yourself into thinking that things are a certain way just so that you don’t have to deal with cold hard reality that you are just as much to blame for the situations that you find yourself in because what is happening around you in your life is a reflection of your inner world! 

Excerpt from the Initiate’s Way.

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