SOL INVICTUS – Unconquered Sun Pathworking

SOL INVICTUS – Unconquered Sun Pathworking

The Unconquered Sun.

The Unconqered Sun by Jade M

Pathworking from the Initiate’s Way by Jade Melany

Excerpt from the Initiate’s Way

“This phase of enlightenment begins at Aries and ends in Pisces, or rather at the time of the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere during the awakening of the power of the sun as a personification of an endless and invincible being. They who rise and travel through the sky during spring and summer, who then die and are replaced anew at the Summer Solstice, (or replaced by a twin) They then begin the descent into the underworld at Cancer only to be born again during the longest night at the Winter Solstice.

The idea here is that by becoming aligned with a solar hero or deity you put yourself subjectively on to this path. With the trajectory of going through each of the signs in turn and learning from each experience before moving on to the next. If you consider this outer journey of the sun as being interchangeable and coinciding with the rise and fall of the astral tides that fluctuate and change during a year.

You cannot fail to notice that the celebrations falling within these key times are recognised in most religions, in one way or another, as the dying and reborn sun, or the dying and reborn god.” This is an excerpt from the Initiate’s Way book by Jade Melany.

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