Wheel of Fortune and Fate

Wheel of Fortune and Fate

The Wheel of Fortune and Fate

Wheel of fortune by Jade M

This stage in the Initiate’s journey is where you can begin to instigate real and lasting change. On the image you can see a vortex and a spinning golden wheel. The symbols for the four fixed signs of the zodiac, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo are shown as the stars of those constellations. You can move through the zodiacal signs.

A personality can traverse through each of the signs, one at a time, and can transcend all of the characteristics held within each sign during these awakenings.

You are able to experience all of the astrological signs and not just the sign under which you were born. Within the Tarot it is this awakening process which concerns 12 Tarot archetypes that have their associations with 12 of the major arcana beginning with Aries and ending in Pisces. There is a stage in the journey here during which you must visit each of the astrological signs on the inner plane. You must awaken each of these within your personality, and must integrate those experiences as they are reflected back at you in the physical world.

This is the beginning of the process of spiritual alchemy.

Become the Hero/Heroine, set out on the quest or the journey to find your true self.

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