Almost Summer Solstice Celebrations, Drumming and New / Old Goddesses.

Almost Summer Solstice Celebrations, Drumming and New / Old Goddesses.

16th June 2021

So this month has been a hive of activity up in the penthouse suite. In this last two weeks four new goddess figurines have emerged. All unique and very different but sharing the commonality of their origins as representations of the different faces of the Goddess.

At the beginning of the week I was searching through old journals and came across an entry from November 2016. Simply stating “Dreaming about making goddesses from white air dry clay” The entry also mentioned being in a room full of people that I didn’t know. So I am still waiting to see where I will end up demonstrating these figurines, to a room full of people I don’t know! Interesting though as it has taken me four years to get around to making these air dry clay goddesses, but it would appear that my dreaming knew that I was going to be doing this four years ago.

Venus – Aphrodite

Click Image to take you to the Venue in the Store.

After creating the latest sculpture of Venus – Aphrodite, while attending the Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference, I decided that I needed to drive out to long Meg and take an offering for her. I normally do this once a year and I hoped that it wouldn’t be too busy by the time I arrived. I got there at maybe half past six. Just as the last stragglers of visitors to the circle were leaving. Apart from one visitor in a super cool van with a log burning stove on the go, there was long Meg, some cows and an amazing atmosphere of magic to be beheld.

After taking my offerings to the Ash tree I retrieved my drum from the car and settled down among the roots of the Ash tree to do a bit of drumming. It wasn’t long before I was surrounded by lots of interested cows watching the show, and munching away happily at the grass as I sat drumming and watching the colours change in the sky as sunset approached. As I normally do, I had placed my phone at my feet to record the drumming session so that I could listen back again on headphones when I returned home later on.

I listened to the drumming that I had recorded when I got home and whilst listening there was some kind of static interference about halfway through. But the second time when I went back and listened to it again the static interference I heard the first time wasn’t on the recording. But there is most definitely a ‘presence’ on the recording. While listening to the drumming journey the second time I had a fleeting glimpse of a figure, and static electricity coming from the palm of my hand!! Have a listen to the journey and see what it evokes for you.

Drumming Journey at Long Meg 12th June 2021

You can read about the last interesting voyage at Castlerigg Stone Circle Here

I had always wanted to try my hand at creating a version of this Goddess. As a mother of twins I have always had a very strong connection to this image. I saw one in particular that spoke to m, in a museum case on my travels and I took a photograph of it which has served as my guide for re-creating this Goddess.

nursing goddess

She is the Dea Nutrix or nursing Goddess.

“Although common in Gaul, burials with pipeclay figurines were very rare in Roman Britain. The figurine portrays a young woman sitting in a wicker chair, holding a baby to each breast. She is known as the Dea Nutrix or nursing goddess.” – BBC A History of the World.

“What makes her so intriguing is that Roman ladies did not breastfeed their own children: they had wet-nurses to do this. Celtic women, by contrast, did breastfeed their children. Therefore, it is most likely that Dea Nutrix is the Romanised version of the Celtic goddess of fertility and childbirth.” – Canterbury Museum

After creating the Dea Nutrix I set about the latest commission which was for a Golden “Gaia”. She is currently drying on the shelf with the above mentioned pieces.

Gaia Goddess Figurine Commission

I also decided to try and make a Prehistoric Willendorf Venus, that would stand as a statue. The last one of these that I made was among the initial recreated images from the book I brought home from a museum last Summer. She was the instigator of all the others who have come afterwards. So she is the Mother of the rest of the Figurines. The Venus of Willendorf is based on a Venus figurine estimated to have been made around 25,000 years ago.

Willendorf Venus
Re-created image of The Venus of Willendorf estimated to have been made around 25,000 years ago.

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