Clay Gods and Goddesses emerging with the spring tide.

Clay Gods and Goddesses emerging with the spring tide.

La fascination du silence

After the longest winter in history, or at least in my history of being, I decided upon a new path for my creativity for this year. Creating clay gods and goddesses. It had been my intention for a while to replicate some of the wonderful statues and artefacts that I have seen in museums I have visited over the years, and also in the pages of the archaeology books that I have been buried in during the winter months.

This clay goddess is a representation of a carved goddess from the Neolithic times, she was hand carved in Ivory and found in a cave in france. While I was away in France last year I bought a book from the Museum Gift shop that had some beautiful representations of Goddess Statues from antiquity.

I particularly liked the style of his one, although the original had less definition on the eyes. She is called ‘La Fascination du Silence”.

I was asked by a friend to make a representation of “Gaia” so I set to work finding an image that I liked of her online, and set about making a representation of her as a clay goddess statue. Bearing in mind it is a long time since I was at college making clay figures, I was quite pleased with the results.

I bought air dry clay because I don’t have access to a kiln, and for ease of drying. It only takes about a week for the clay goddess to dry before the statues can be painted and sprayed with gloss.

“Gaia” Clay Goddess Statue by Jade Melany
“Gaia” Clay Goddess Statue by Jade Melany

After creating “Gaia” the floodgates opened and I was asked to make altar statues of a God and Goddess. I won’t show the full images of the God as he is a little risqué and may cause my page to be censored by the prude police. After making these two I was surprised to see the face of the God that I had just created on a documentary that I was watching about tan archaeological dig in France where a Cauldron had been dug at the site and one of the handles had the image of a river god who bore a striking resemblance to the God I had just created in Clay. Coincidence? The lady who I made these for just happens to live next to where the river Elen meets the sea so they will reside next to the river. 🙂

Clay Goddess / Consort Statue by Jade Melany
Clay God Consort Statue by Jade Melany

I am currently working on another version of “Gaia” and have just finished a smaller “Venus” Figurine. If you would like to commission a God / Goddess Clay Sculpture original please email mailto:jade@esoteric-art.co.uk with specifications.

“Venus” clay goddess sculpture by Jade Melany

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