Judgement Tarot Pathworking

Judgement Tarot Pathworking

This image appeared in my liminal waking consciousness after a dream of what I needed to do to get back on my path. It wasn’t until I stepped back far enough to look at the picture, that I saw that the gates were also an image of a head. To walk the golden path I had to open those gates, and therefore open my consciousness. Hearing the call to vocation and knowing what it was that I had to do!

Judgement Tarot Major Arcana by Jade M
Judgement Call from the Initiate’s Way

“In this Initiate’s Way arcana you see the Gates of Dawn behind which lies a shining path awaiting you as a seeker of the mysteries. It is a road that is presented as a choice after hearing the call from spirit, and to walk on a path of service to others. Here is a crossroads and there is no turning back from this point, so the outcomes will be very much dependant on how you make your choice, with your head or your heart, or both?

Most of us at one point in our lives has experienced feelings of being lost or disconnected from those around us. The experience of a separate-ness that divides us from those close, and creates an illusory sense of being alone in the world. Overcoming fears of this kind and coming to independent conclusions about the true meaning of life and existence is important, but the essence of the lesson to learn is that you can never truly be free while others around you are suffering. That answering the call is consciously choosing to help others to move forward for their healing, assisting others to attain some kind of relief from their fears and suffering from a place of unconditional love

You stand at the threshold of a greater understanding. Finding a centre in relation to your place in life and understanding your roles, begins with the process of embracing your true self. Not the projections and masks that you wear to disguise your fears and hide your true nature but that essence of your core that shines and radiates out into the world, unashamed and stable.

Supporting and caring, loving and being loved without regard for social status or personal gain.”

If you would like to do the pathworking for this image the youtube link is below:

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If you would like to do the pathworking it is here in the youtube workshop below.

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