Death – Transformation

Death – Transformation

Death / Transformation by Jade M Tarot Major Arcana Initiates Way

Death – Past Life Healing Journey for Transformation

by Jade Melany

“You have been born into one life when you come to this plane of manifestation and at this point in the spiritual journey you can choose to re-create yourself magically. You can rebirth your personality as you begin to integrate your higher self more and more into your waking life, then after rebirthing yourself by going through an initiation or ordeal in which you allow oneself to die and completely recreate yourself anew.

Dramatic change is required here

In nature the seasons are in a perpetual motion of change and if you align yourself with the natural world, then in November, in Britain, as the leaves are falling from the trees and the scent of Winter is upon you, your thoughts and ritual naturally turn towards remembering the dead. The loved ones who have passed. Internally you can begin to let go of the parts of yourself that no longer define who you are.

In the increasing darkness you are forced to look into the shadows and confront your fears, boldly journeying within and seeking out those dark places where you keep your memories, good or bad, and you must process some of the things that lay buried in the deepest recesses of the mind. 

Even if you don’t believe that this is possible you could still use the past life meditation exercise metaphorically, to work through any of the issues that have been highlighted during the meditation process.

The appearance of this card in a reading suggests the need to embrace the shadow self and accept that there has to be darkness with the light. To work towards acceptance of parts of the self that require nurturing and begin the process of alchemy to change from within.”

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Past life transformation pathworking from the Initiate’s Way

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