Strength Pathworking

Strength Pathworking

Strength - Fortitude by Jade M

The pathworking for strength was written by Caitlin Matthews.

“On several versions of this image in the Tarot we find a lady with a lion and there is a great deal of controversy over whether she is opening or closing the mouth of the lion. It appears to me that she is showing her fearlessness by opening the lion’s mouth as a gesture of mutual trust. Symbolically you can take this as representing the stage in the spiritual journey where you have found the elusive hidden strength within, a spiritual strength that everyone has inside. You can n2qow begin to act from that place of inner strength that was previously unobtainable. Becoming attuned with the mysteries and wisdom of the past will give you a much broader perspective from which to tread your unique path” Excerpt from the Initiate’s Way.

Strength pathworking from the Initiate’s Way written by Caitlin Matthews.

The Initiate’s Way contains concise and complete instructions on how to create and use magical images and begin inner journeying, or walking the path of the Initiate. If you are ready to begin your inner quest then this book is for you.

The author guides you through the process of using creative visualisation to discover your own innate wisdom. You learn simple breathing techniques, and how to bring the magical images to life within your imagination. You create your own healing sanctuary, awaken the god and the goddess, and bring forth your own inner teacher or guide. This book will teach you how to work internally with each of the twenty-two magical archetypes, so that you can perform spiritual alchemy on yourself and bring change into your life.

Every conscious step you take into the Initiate’s Way is signposted by these magical images and as you take time to study, meditate with, and explore each of them in turn you will become your true and authentic self. This book contains full colour plates of the twenty-two magical images which correlate with the Tarot. They each tell the archetypical story of the spiritual journey into enlightenment. You can, as a solitary practitioner, use this book to learn how to build up magical images and tread each step of this amazing journey for yourself.

If you are working within a group, it is a guidebook for creative visualisations during the year, to align with the seasons. One of the group members can lead the others through each stage of the journey.

This path takes strength and courage as you become who you are truly meant to be.

Initiate’s Way: A magical journey into spiritual alchemy

If you would like to join the Initiate’s Way group on facebook where we do group sessions of the pathworkings in the book: https://www.facebook.com/groups/initiatesway/


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