The World Pathworking by Jade Melany

The World Pathworking by Jade Melany

The World Major Arcana Tarot by Jade M

“One of the key factors at this stage in the development process, is that of growth and recognition. Of just how far you have come since the outset of your initial first footing on to the fool’s journey into the unknown. Long cycles are coming to a conclusion and there will be some kind of reward for the process.

Whether that is a new outlook and perspective, or simply the satisfaction of doing something to the best of your ability and standing back to take a moment to enjoy the feeling of a job well done before setting off on another long journey.

On the Initiate’s Way World Image you see a central figure standing within a laurel wreath, and with the pillars of Jaoqin and Boaz behind her. Above and below her she is encircled by a green serpent depicting the higher and lower realms. She walks through the flames with no fear, or doubt, and she can move in and out of the different worlds as easily as waking and sleeping.

With four fixed signs of the zodiac, after integrating the wisdom of the higher self, and after having conquered the animal passions of the lower realms, this figure is a treading a different path.” Excerpt from the Initiate’s Way

If you would like to do the pathworking associated with this magical image the video is below.

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